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Black Cherry Pie x Alien Moonshine

by In House Genetics

An In House Genetics kush and cookies combo that’s simply out of this world, Alien Moon Pie is a potent pain-relieving indica dominant hybrid and the perfect growth experiment for newcomers to the weird and wonderful world of cannabis cultivation. 

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Alien Moon Pie Strain Genetics

Alien Moon Pie lineage isn’t extraterrestrial in origin, but this high THC, low CBD cultivar does have a rich and wide-reaching heritage that can be traced back through the cookies, kush, and skunk family trees. Born from Black Cherry Pie and Alien Moonshine, its robust landrace roots have given it an edge in the growth department, while careful breeding techniques from In House Genetics have ensured a rich and multipurpose cannabinoid content and flavours you’ll definitely want to phone home about.

Alien Moon Pie marijuana seeds aren’t yet available in a feminized or autoflowering format, but that doesn’t mean they’re not easy to grow! Now available from MGS, this galactic-class cultivar is an excellent and otherworldly choice for cultivators, old and new!

Alien Moon Pie Strain Terpene Profile

Alien Moon Pie aroma is an earthy blend of basil and pine with a pungent hit of diesel and hints of citrus and spice. These rich kush qualities carry through to its flavour, where they’re met with sweet cookies, berry, and sour diesel accents and a tangy grapefruit aftertaste that lingers.

Alien Moon Pie dominant terpene is beta myrcene, with limonene and alpha-pinene terpenes playing a supporting role. Many believe that as well as providing its delicious fruity flavour, this unique synergy of terps can have a sedative effect on the body’s nervous system and work as a powerful anti-inflammatory.

Alien Moon Pie Strain Effects

Alien Moon Pie effects are best paired with a comfortable setting and a quiet schedule. Although predominantly an indica strain, users can also expect a stimulating burst of sativa-like cerebral euphoria that’ll blast their brains to another galaxy, paired with weighty relaxation and pain relief. Consumption can also lead to ravenous hunger, so keep a well-stocked refrigerator in preparation for the invasion.

This pheno already has built itself a reputation for being particularly potent. Testing has shown Alien Moon Pie THC can reach as high as 25%. As such, this THC dominant strain should be saved for evening use and used in moderation.

Alien Moon Pie strain Medical Benefits

Myrcene is generally known for its sedative effects, but many users have reported Alien Moon Pie medical benefits are more geared towards chronic pain relief, migraines, and muscle spasms. However, in high doses, this strain does make for a powerful sleep aid and may help people with insomnia drift off without the needs for an over-the-counter alternative.

This strain’s hunger-inducing effects are also renowned. For patients with eating disorders or looking to increase food intake for other reasons, Alien Moon Pie medical seeds may just be the unlikely solution to your appetite issues.

How to Grow Alien Moon Pie Strain

Alien Moon Pie regular seeds aren’t yet available in a feminized or autoflowering format, but growers shouldn’t have any problem yielding plenty of little green buds from this heavy producer. Thick, sticky and wreathed in coiled lime and fern-green leaves, its dense and unusual flower structure looks like it comes from another planet, with a web of white crystal trichomes covering each individual bud, giving them a strange and ethereal appearance.

Alien Moon Pie cannabis seeds flowering time is eight to nine weeks from germination and can be cultivated inside or outdoors. Its hardy afghani genetics make it suitable for a variety of environments, but as always, mould and damp can be an issue with compact plants such as this. Growing Alien Moon Pie marijuana seeds successfully doesn’t require any complicated techniques or otherworldly apparatus, but a proper SOG or SCROG setup may further boost its yields.