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OG heavy OOKB x Alien OG

by In House Genetics

A surefire modern classic rich in OG Kush heritage, Alien Breath from In House Genetics Seeds blends new and old-school strains for a high THC, terpene-rich treat of a cannabis strain.

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Alien Breath Strain Genetics

In House Genetics Alien Breath marijuana seeds bring together two up and coming seedbank favourites, the OG heavy OOKB (Secret Weapon x OGKB) with the busy terpene profile of Alien OG (Tahoe OG x Alien Kush). What you end up with is tangy, fruity goodness, together with traditional herbal flavours for a bonafide love letter to every generation of OG Kush.

Previously known as hard to find, this strain is now available from us and brings the potent pungency of its parent strains and pleasing growing traits such as a fast flowering time and an above-average yield, especially for indoor growers.

Alien Breath Strain Terpene Profile

It’s as Kush heavy as they come, so you know it’s going to be earthy, and it certainly is! Myrcene is a notable terpene here, providing that classic kush/skunk smell. There’s a lot more than just that to the Alien Breath flavours and aromas, however.

A dominant taste of tangy citrus lemon jumps out on the inhale, tickling the tonsils and creating a sour burst of beauty in the throat, thanks to the presence of the well-named limonene. Things are smoother on the way out, with fresh forest undertones of pine on the lips, provided by the equally suitable titled pinene.

Alien Breath Strain Effects

An overwhelming sense of joy characterises the effects of this high THC (around 20%) West Coast strain. Waves of euphoric happiness will envelop the body quickly, followed by a sense of total relaxation in the bones and joints, with the stresses of a busy day casually drifting away without you even noticing them leave!

Conducive with creativity, this is an excellent cannabis strain if you have company of an evening, providing a perfect backdrop to hours of giggly, chatty conversation between friends and strangers alike!

Alien Breath Strain Medical Benefits

Medical benefits of OG Kush strains are widely reported and are often associated with pain relief. Alien Breath is said by consumers to be a chip off the old block in that regard, with the terps and cannabinoids working together with the endocannabinoid system to provide potential relief for the symptoms of many chronic pain conditions.

Additionally, this Alien OG x OGKB strain is said to provide relief for the symptoms of stress. Whether it´s just been a hard day or part of an underlying medical condition, this wonderful strain may soften the effects of depression and provide uplifting effects.

How to Grow Alien Breath Strain Seeds

This marijuana strain is pure indica, and so are its growing traits. Indoor growers will find Alien Breath cannabis seeds pleasingly easy to grow, not growing too tall (occasional trimming is necessary) and responding well to both SOG and SCROG growing methods. A high yield can be expected in as little as eight weeks from germination if you’re lucky, and rarely more than 10.

Outdoor growers need to work a little harder, mainly using a greenhouse to avoid adverse weather, spider mites, and anything else that can risk the health of these delicate cannabis plants. These feminized seeds should blossom into fully grown plants by early October, complete with huge, dank buds coloured in rich greens and coated in trichomes, perfect for resin extraction.