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Gelato 33 x Platinum

by In House Genetics

In-House Genetics 33rd Degree is an indica-dominant hybrid that brings OG Kush and Girl Scout Cookies genetics together to create an earthy, fruity and highly potent cannabis strain. This high THC level marijuana grows beautifully under a coat of crystal trichomes.

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33rd Degree Strain Genetics

33rd Degree is the wonderful result of breeding two different strains gaining popularity in seedbanks, Platinum, a phenotype of Platinum Kush (OG Kush x Afghani) with the sweet, fruity, and flavourful Gelato #33 (Sunset Sherbert x Thin Mint GSC). Two relatively new strains with that old-school Cali heritage creating a potential instant classic in these 33rd Degree cannabis seeds.

These indica leaning genetics create an easy growing strain, with a cerebral, euphoric buzz with some sedative properties and a cacophony of colourful aromas and tastes that light up the taste buds in all the best ways!

33rd Degree Strain Terpene Profile

On one side of the flavour profile of this marijuana strain, you have the earthy, herbal goodness of the OG Kush lineage, represented by the herbal, skunk, Afghan-style aromas of myrcene, one of the dominant terpenes and the most common terpene found in many cannabis strains.

Other abundant terpenes here create that sweet, fruity, slightly tangy sensation that comes from the GSC strains, created through a combination of the citrus terpene, limonene, and the spicy terpene, caryophyllene. A classic terpene blend that produces a familiar yet somehow unique taste that is reminiscent of both parents without feeling like a mere replica of either.

33rd Degree Strain Effects

Simultaneously uplifting and relaxing, there are some body-numbing properties to the effects here, handed down from Platinum, while the uplifting, euphoric and happy feeling for the brain comes via the GSC heritage.

This intriguing mix creates two different stages to this high, starting with that all over, full-body buzz that sinks you into your sofa quickly, followed by that more cerebral buzz that gently uplifts, making this a perfect strain for an evening of conversation and relaxation. 

33rd Degree Strain Medical Benefits

33rd Degrees blends a high THC content (around 20%) with terpenes like caryophyllene that are thought to aid the body’s endocannabinoid system in relieving the symptoms of headaches and migraines by helping our internal pain response mechanisms.

Additionally, it is thought the relaxing and mood-lifting effects of the cannabinoid and terp combination in this marijuana strain may help relieve the symptoms of insomnia, help with relaxing before bed, and potentially support both getting to sleep and staying asleep once you get there.

How to Grow 33rd Degree Strain Seeds

Growing 33rd Degree feminized seeds should not be too much of a challenge even for beginner growers as they do much of the work for you! Expect easy growing traits like relatively compact cannabis plants that require minimal trimming and occasional light changes. SOG or SCROG should work well for indoor growers, who can expect a high yield in a flowering time as short as nine weeks from germination.

For outdoor and greenhouse growers, harvest time is expected around early October with these fem marijuana seeds, with a strong yield of dank, dark green buds, complete with orange and purple hued pistils and a resinous coat that looks like a layer of icing and is just as sweet! Expect a high-quality herbal aroma to take over in the run-up to harvest time, letting you know your stunning crop is ready!