In recent years, cannabis has gone mainstream. As several countries begin to adopt a legal cannabis market, the demand for both medical marijuana and recreational cannabis continues to grow to unprecedented levels. With such an increase in demand and an ever-expanding market place, cannabis breeders have taken to new levels their experimentation with different types of cannabis strains. These types of cannabis cultivars are known as cannabis hybrid strains. 

While most cannabis consumers are more familiar with the increasingly outdated indica/sativa cannabis model when distinguishing between different marijuana seeds and cannabis strains, you may be surprised to learn that most varieties of cannabis today are actually hybrid strains.

Here at Marijuana Grow Shop, we want to make your cannabis growing experience as simple as possible. As such, we present our vast selection of hybrid cannabis seeds. 

But before you start filling up your shopping cart, what, exactly, is a hybrid cannabis seed? And what are the benefits of growing this type of cannabis plant?

What is a Cannabis Hybrid?

Like other types of plants, cannabis plants can exist in two forms, either as a pure breed plant or as a hybrid mix of other plants. 

With the commercialization of the cannabis market, breeders have gone to great lengths to create new cannabis cultivars – This is done by continually mixing and remixing different strains of cannabis to develop new cannabis strains that offer varying effects and flavours – These are known as hybrid strains. 

These types of plants are man’s attempt at customising and growing cannabis plants in an effort to generate specific kinds of characteristics that are most commonly found in ruderalis, indica and sativa cannabis plant species. One of the earliest known hybrid strains is the somewhat infamous “skunk” strain which was bred from both sativa and indica plant species.

However, thanks to improved breeding techniques, the best and most popular varieties of hybrid strains inherit only the more desirable qualities of their parent species. Good examples of successful modern-day hybrids include the wildly successful and famed cannabis strains White Widow, Girl Scout Cookies and Gorilla Glue (amongst many others).

What are the different types of Hybrid strains?

These are the four typical types of hybrid cannabis strains:

Sativa x sativa: Two different sativa strains bred together – Known as sativa hybrids

Indica x indica: Two different indica strains bred together – Known as Indica hybrids

Sativa x indica: This type of strain is a hybrid with both sativa-dominant and indica dominant characteristics. For example, it could grow tall (common to sativa) with purple buds (a train found in some indica strains)

Indica x sativa: This hybrid variety has characteristics of both, but leans more towards the indica spectrum

Benefits of Growing Hybrid Cannabis Seeds

As mentioned earlier, the best hybrid strains successfully combine the more ideal features of their genetic heritage. This is reflected both in the final product and in the typical growth characteristics of a high-quality hybrid seed. 

While the effects of a pure indica or pure sativa strain can prove to be too intense for some consumers, a top-shelf hybrid strain delivers a more balanced range of effects, offering broader appeal to a wider range of cannabis users. 

Beyond the effects of a hybrid strain, there are also some benefits when growing a hybrid cultivar compared to growing a pure indica or sativa seed species. 

Here are some of the more common traits associated with hybrid marijuana plants:

Shorter flowering time (not always)

Potentially high-yielding

Blend of sativa and indica traits, both in effects and growing

Increased resistance against moulds and pests

As consumers continue to demand increased potency and more variety, breeders go to new levels to create hybrids that boast impressive cannabinoid ratios (including an ever-increasing THC level) and mouth-wateringly exotic flavours, capable of satisfying even the most demanding of cannabis enthusiasts.

As such, most of the hybrid marijuana seeds on offer today tend to be a balanced mix of different indica and sativa seed types. Typically, they will lean towards one side of the indica or sativa spectrum with effects and growth patterns synonymous with both plants. 

Some hybrid strains might inherit the quicker flowering time of indica seed types, while also managing to retain the highly coveted cerebral highs offered by typical sativa strains. Of course, some hybrid strains are also able to marry the best effects of both strains. As such, the best hybrid strains will offer a balance of a deeply satisfying physical body stone effect, coupled with a heady, euphoric high.

When growing hybrid seeds, they may also offer the high-quality yields more typically associated with indica cultivars while maintaining the fast vegetative growth of a sativa strain. 

Undoubtedly, it is this ability to blend the best attributes of both indica and sativa cannabis that has made hybrid seeds so popular with marijuana consumers and growers alike.  

If you want to buy hybrid marijuana seeds, whether it be sativa hybrids, or indica hybrids, here at Marijuana Grow Shop, we have a vast collection of potent and easy to grow hybrid strains including cannabis cup winners Gorilla Glue and Girl Scout Cookies as well as the legends of Jack Herer and White Widow. Our impressive collection of high-quality hybrid marijuana seeds is available in both autoflowering seeds and feminized seeds.

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    Royal Moby

    Feminized | Medicinal

    Royal Moby by Royal Queen Seeds is a 65% sativa hybrid with the class of a heavyweight champion. Like Melville’s Whale, this variety is exaggerated: big proportions, huge amounts of buds, high yields, high THC levels and a strong psychoactive high, just to name a few. Warning: Royal Moby is not rookie stuff.

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    Feminized | Medicinal

    Critical by Royal Queen Seeds is a cross between Afghani and Skunk. This 60% indica hybrid is widely recognized for its short grow-cycle and high yield.

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    Fruit Spirit

    Feminized | Medicinal

    Fruit Spirit is a balanced 60% sativa hybrid full of explosive fruity flavours and is one of the easiest strains to grow. She is a distinct phenotype of the legendary White Widow from Amsterdam, so if you want a blast from the past that’s also perfect for beginner growers, Fruit Spirit is the ideal choice. For all those who love smooth, fruity blueberry and red cherry flavours, be prepared to be inspired by Fruit Spirit.

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