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Old Timer Seeds x Lemon Kush

by Humboldt Seed Co

Producing record levels of remarkable red fruit terpenes, Very Cherry is the Humboldt Seed Company’s self-proclaimed sweetest-swelling sativa strain, and its alluring aromas definitely won’t disappoint the discerning nose.

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Very Cherry Genetic Profile

When it comes to innovative terpene combinations, the Humboldt Seed Co are second to none. Best known for their cup-winning Blueberry Muffin cultivar – a signature strain prized for its elite bouquet – the seed bank’s latest release, Very Cherry BX2, smells even sweeter still. Bred from a Lemon Kush BX3 plant and breeding seeds passed to the company by a local old-timer, Very Cherry lineage has been cherry-picked for record terpene production and doesn’t disappoint.

Defined by rich floral flavours and an unmistakable aroma that smells like cherry cough drops, it’s the perfect plant for making concentrates, extracts, and all kinds of terpene-forward projects.

Though not yet available as autoflowering or feminised seeds, Very Cherry marijuana seeds are one of the quickest flowering regular varieties around and adapt to most environments with little fuss. A pre-requisite for flavour hunters, this high-quality strain’s terp-rich flavours are also paired with potent, but not debilitating, sativa-dominant effects, making this one helluva delicious daytime smoke. So turn your grow space into an olfactory paradise with one of Humboldt Seeds best-smelling varieties.

Very Cherry Strain Terpene Profile

As you might’ve guessed, Very Cherry flavour profile is centred around the juicy summer stone fruit from where it gets its name. With an intense bouquet of sweet cherry, jasmine, and cherry blossom, it has an unbelievable aroma, and the plant’s flavour is just as tangy as its smell.

Elements of Kush, skunk, and herbs combine with a similar cherry wine sweetness on the tongue, while a delightful floral finish rounds off these juicy jelly-bean flavours in style.
Humboldt is still awaiting the lab results that will determine this strain’s specific terpene content, but it’s probable that Very Cherry dominant terpenes include limonene and myrcene – two chemicals with intensely fruity aromatic profiles.

Myrcene also has a slightly floral quality, but additional terps like linalool, alpha-bisabolol, and ocimene also more than likely play a role in this strain’s alluring olfactory presence.

Very Cherry Strain Effects

Very Cherry effects are strong but not so intense that they slow you down or leave you in a state of delirium. As a sativa dominant strain, users can expect an uplifting experience that excites the brain and invigorates the body, but without any anxiety-inducing side-effects or the heavy sedative finish of an indica. Highly suitable for daytime consumption and for users of a moderate tolerance, it’s a great way to perk yourself up when your energy levels are depleted or as a calming, uplifting addition to creative pursuits.

While not the most potent strain, Very Cherry THC level still weighs in at around 18%, which is pretty decent by most standards. This THC content could be potentially increased into the low-twenties if certain steps are taking during the flowering stage. Although unsuitable for users of a very low tolerance, its lofty effects are ideal if you’ve been searching for a sativa-leaning phenotype that won’t blow your head off.

Very Cherry Strain Medical Benefits

While cannabinoids like THC, CBD, and CBG are the biggest influencers of a cannabis plant’s psychoactive and medicinal profile, terpenes also play a significant role. Limonene, linalool, and myrcene all have proven anti-anxiety effects and have been used for thousands of years in the form of herbal remedies for their calming qualities. Very Cherry medical seeds can be an excellent choice for growers seeking additional assistance in coping with anxiety without having to resort to prescription medications,

Very Cherry medical benefits can also be of use to those with general or even chronic fatigue conditions. Providing a stimulating lift similar to the runner’s high many experience after exercise, its rejuvenating effects can help put a spring in your step when tiredness takes over your mind and body.

How to Grow Very Cherry Strain

Growing Very Cherry cannabis seeds shouldn’t pose a problem for cultivators with a little common sense. Although suitable for indoor and outdoor environments, It should be noted that this is a mostly sativa strain and may stretch somewhat taller than other cannabis plants. For breeders with limited space, it’s worth experimenting with various training techniques, some of which can restrict plant size without sacrificing bud growth. These are also a worthwhile option if you’re hoping for bigger harvests and want Very Cherry yields to reach their full potential.

Fortunately, this strain doesn’t share a sativa plants notoriously long grow time. Very Cherry flowering time is around seven weeks from germination, making these regular seeds suitable for staggered growth and fast or frequent turnovers. Producing fluffy light-green buds with excellent trichome coverage, the sticky resin coat that covers these plants may be their most valuable asset, so make sure to wear gloves when harvesting to avoid wasting all your hard work.

It’s also worth investing in carbon scrubbers, which won’t affect your plants’ terpene content, but can eliminate some of their more pungent odours during flowering — a good choice if you’re seeking a discreet grow.