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Geist OG x Afghan OG

by Humboldt Seed Organization

With smooth and silky flavours and high-velocity effects, Velvet Octane from Humboldt Seeds is an energetic, indica-dominant Kush cultivar that crams all the goodness of an AAA OG cultivar into a studier and more compact model.

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Velvet Octane Strain Genetic Profile

Custom built for speed and stability, Velvet Octane marijuana seeds are a phenomenal piece of genetic engineering. Representing the next generation of OG Kush cultivars, though the taste and effect of this pheno follow the standard gassy, indica-dominant formula, this new, improved version doubles down on the hardy, compact growth of the original, giving growers more space to work with and an easier cultivating experience overall.

Born from two prominent members of the OG Kush family, both Humboldt Seed Organization originals, Velvet Octane lineage combines the seed company’s patented 4-way OG Kush cross – known as Geist OG – with their inhouse, uncirculated Afghan OG cultivar. This high THC/low CBD strain is now available in a feminized photoperiod format, making the ride from seed to flower even smoother. Discover the simpler way to grow high-quality West Coast cannabis from the comfort of your own home with these high-performing cannabis seeds from MGS.

Velvet Octane Strain Terpene Profile

The iconic essence of OG Kush is very much present within the Velvet Octane flavour profile. Expect sharp and spicy gassy fumes accompanied by deep essence of black pepper and sour lemon citrus flavours. This classic combination of citrus and engine fuel will be highly familiar to cannabis connoisseurs and loses none of the potency in this new member of the OG collective.

Velvet Octane dominant terpenes are myrcene and beta-caryophyllene, a common mix that results in the fruit and fuel flavours commonly associated with OG Kush. These companions also bring about a number of physiological effects, which makes them great for pain relief and treating sleep disorders.

Velvet Octane Strain Effects

Velvet Octane effects are strong and long-lasting owing to its THC content and complex terpene profile. Like OG Kush, it’ll quickly get your mind racing with its initial sativa hit before feelings of relaxation begin to flow down and deep into the body, putting the brakes on any kind of physical activity you may have planned and making it largely unsuitable for day use.     

We recommend saving this high-octane strain for late afternoon at the earliest to avoid crashing out early. Velvet Octane THC content has been lab-tested at 19-21% per cent, and low tolerance users will likely end up out of service if they overindulge on its sedating and strong cerebral effects.

Velvet Octane Strain Medical Benefits

OG Kush strains are famed for their medicinal potency and used by thousands of marijuana patients worldwide to help manage pain and inflammation. Caryophyllene and THC – both scientifically proven analgesics – are thought to amplify each other’s effects, making Velvet Octane medical benefits especially potent in this regard. Even patients with chronic pain or conditions like fibromyalgia may find effective assistance from its use.

Cannabis grown from Velvet Octane medical seeds is also very high in myrcene. This active chemical is known for its sedative influence, explaining this strain’s high likelihood of causing couchlock. If used in a therapeutic capacity, these sleep-inducing effects can be used to treat conditions like insomnia without having to resort to pharmaceutical options.

How to Grow Velvet Octane Strain

Growing Velvet Octane cannabis seeds is a little like growing a standard but supercharged OG Kush cultivar. Rapid growth during the early stages of the veg cycle has resulted in a larger, more vigorous plant, and, as such, its nutritional demands are higher. The Humboldt seedbank also recommends trellising and that growers thin the canopy during the early stages of flower to allow for better light penetration. However, these feminized seeds are still suitable for indoor and outdoor environments, have a short flowering period, and can be grown with little-no previous experience. 

Velvet Octane indoor flowering time is a quick-fire eight-ten weeks from germination and produces dense, trichome-rich buds with strong lateral branching, making it an excellent choice for a SCROG or SOG setup. This Afghan OG x Geist OG variant’s leaves are slightly broader than your average OG Kush cannabis strain, but these crystal-coated fans can still be kept and used for extractions.

 If you’re solely interested in flower, Velvet Octane yields are sure to please as growers can easily achieve an indoor yield of 450-600 g/m2 or a generous outdoor yield of 1000-4000 g/plant.