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Tangie x Blueberry Muffin

by Humboldt Seed Co

Famed for its phenomenal terpene profile and gooey green and purple buds, Squirt is an incredibly sticky soda-tasting sativa strain from the Humboldt Seeds Company and designed primarily for extract artists hunting for flavour with a touch of finesse

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Squirt Strain Genetic Profile

Prepare your senses for a soaking because this exotic Bx3 sativa-dominant strain from the breeders at the Humboldt seedbank is one of the juiciest cannabis cuts we’ve ever come across. Discovered during Humboldt’s 10k plant Phenotype Mega Hunt and subsequently bred from their genetic seeds bank, Squirt lineage combines Tangie and Blueberry Muffin – two delicious hybrids famed for their high THC content and fruity terpene profiles.

Originally labelled as BBMXTANG #118 and later for the thirst-quenching soft drink, it packs a sour and sugary citrus flavour and produces impressive amounts of terp and THC-infused resin, making it an extract artist’s dream.

Available from MGS as feminized photoperiod seeds, this tongue-tingling marijuana hybrid also features a potent energetic high to match its flavour and flowers far faster than the average sativa plant. Whether you’re a concentrate creator or just a connoisseur of gourmet cannabis, Squirt marijuana seeds are a great way to give your garden a fresh and exciting upgrade.

Squirt Strain Terpene Profile

Squirt aroma isn’t too far removed from the fizzy drink, and its flavour is just as fruity fresh. Its sweet and tangy scent sloshes together tart grapefruit and other citrus fragrances with echoes of creamy vanilla from BBM and explosions of spice that tickle the olfactory senses. When smoked in a vaporizer, this lemony flavour becomes even more intense, and consumers may notice hints of berry coming through on the exhale and a lingering kush taste.

Thanks to rigorous chemical analysis, we have an excellent idea of what combination of monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes gives this strain its incomparable flavour. Like most cannabis strains, Squirt dominant terpene is caryophyllene, but it’s also rich in linalool and many other secondary and tertiary terps like myrcene and alpha-pinene.

Despite its sour citrus taste, limonene – a terpene found in many sativa plants, along with citrus peels and confiners – is only present in trace amounts, further deepening the mystery of terpenes and their relationship with our tastebuds.

Squirt Strain Effects

Thanks to its stable chemotype, Squirt effects are sativa-leaning but strong in both a physical and cerebral sense. Bursting into action with a euphoric kick start to the brain, users will feel its sativa influence almost immediately as their mind is marinated with a sense of motivation and creative purpose. Just like the fizz in a can of soda pop, eventually, these uplifting feelings will begin to fade, replaced with a slightly hazy mental state and relaxing sensations in the body.

Squirt’s eye-opening effects are a fitting accompaniment to its fantastic scent and flavour but should be avoided by those who prefer a more full-bodied, indica-dominant experience. Sativa strains have a reputation for inducing paranoia in some users, and as Squirt THC level averages between 17-20%, these sorts of side-effects may be even more pronounced. It can be enjoyed throughout the day without too much worry, but even experienced sativa smokers should consume carefully and in moderation.

Squirt Strain Medical Benefits

Squirt found its fame as a caffeine-free alternative to other citrus soft drinks, but its cannabis equivalent is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an invigorating shock to the system. Like many sativa-dominant plants, Squirt medical benefits are cerebrally orientated, creatively inspiring, and great for getting rid of fatigue. Its sedative effects are also milder than many other cannabis strains, allowing users to maintain a steady flow of THC-fueled energy without the inevitable sugar crash.

Squirt medical seeds may also be suitable for medical growers with migraines and tension headaches. These neurological conditions are challenging to predict, often striking in daylight hours or during times of extreme stress, and can render a patient completely immobile if they’re especially intense. However, sufferers may find the calming and anti-inflammatory effects of this particular high THC/low CBD strain could reduce the severity and frequency of an attack.

How to Grow Squirt Strain

Humboldt haven’t provided a lot of information about growing Squirt feminised cannabis seeds, but as a sativa-dominant pheno, it’s safe to say that getting successful results won’t be easy. Sativa plants are generally taller and slower to flower than their indica equivalents. Although this strain can grow to a great height if left to its own devices, Squirt flowering time is only seven weeks from germination, which is almost as fast as an autoflowering strain.

These feminized seeds can be grown inside or directly in the ground, but indoor growers should take any potential spacing issues into account before planting and consider management techniques like LST or FIM to keep their greenhouses from becoming overgrown. Under optimum conditions, these plants will produce healthy amounts of popcorn-shaped green buds in shades of olive green. Depending on the levels of anthocyanins in your plants, these forest shades may be accompanied by gorgeous purple hues, giving the pheno even greater bag appeal.

For those growing this plant with extracts in mind, terpene boosting methods are highly recommended to help Squirt terps reach their full potential.