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Magic Melon Auto x Sour Diesel

by Humboldt Seed Co

If you’re shopping for strong-armed sativa highs without the waiting time or hard work, Sour Apple Auto from the Humboldt Seed Co cuts through weeks and months to deliver potent, tangy apple-flavoured plants with speed and ease.

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Sour Apple Auto Genetic Profile

The remarkable result of a crossbreed to auto project from the Humboldt Seeds Company, Sour Apple Auto lineage combines the fruity terps and vigour of the seed bank’s must-have Magic Melon Auto plant with the THC dominance and fuel flavours of their Sour Diesel blend. Though sativa-dominant strains are famed for their difficulty and drawn-out growth, these autoflowering seeds have been supercharged with ruderalis DNA, making this no-fuss strain much easier to rear than a feminized or regular variety.

Adding to its easy growth, Humboldt’s Magic Melon – a titanic three-way blend of Mango Trees, Honeydew Melon, and Mango Sherbert – has given this marvellous plant a tasty tropical fruit flavour and plenty of bag appeal for the image-conscious cultivator. Thriving in almost any environment and highly suitable for novice growers, Sour Apple Auto marijuana seeds are an excellent option for breeders who have struggled with Sativa strains in the past or simply don’t have the time to wait around for a high-quality weed.

Sour Apple Auto Strain Terpene Profile

Sour Apple Auto flavour profile blends the tangy fuel and fruity terps of its respective parent plants. Cantaloupe and watermelon aromas combine with cinnamon, sour apple, and a sharp gas station scent that stings the nose and throat. This gives the plant a pure Kush pungency that can quickly overtake your grow space. These gassy qualities continue over to the pheno’s flavour, where they’re met with a subtle sour skunk kick, echoes of OG Kush, and a refreshing pine finish.

Beta-caryophyllene and limonene are Sour Apple Auto dominant terpenes, which explains the strain’s defining flavours of fuel and fruit. The latter terpene is what gives oranges and lemons their smell, while the former has a spicier, astringent quality, that when combined with other chemically-scented terps like pinene and terpinolene, can give cannabis plants a pungent petrol smell that you’ll either love or hate.

Sour Apple Auto Strain Effects

Even though this autoflowering strain was bred with easy growth in mind, no sacrifices were made in terms of its potency or THC content. As a sativa plant, Sour Apple Auto effects are mostly cerebral and open with a stimulating slap to the face that’ll leave you focused and feeling good. This euphoric feeling will eventually dissipate into a more relaxed but inspirational mentality, which can really help to get those juices flowing when engaged in creative or collaborative pursuits.

By selecting breeding stock from only THC dominant phenotypes, Humboldt have tried their best to ensure that Sour Apple Auto THC levels remain consistently in the mid-twenties range. Couch-lock is of little concern with this high THC/low CBD strain, but while it’s highly suitable for daytime consumption and for sharing with friends and family, its cerebral effects may be too intense for fans of indica-dominant strains or users who are prone to mind-race or paranoid thought.

Sour Apple Auto Strain Medical Benefits

Strong sativa-dominant genes, high THC levels, and a limonene-rich terpene profile have lent Sour Apple Auto medical seeds many curative qualities. Sativa strains like this are potentially beneficial suitable fo easing mood disorders like depression. Their uplifting effects provide a boost of feel-good chemicals like oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine while also helping to push bad thoughts and body aches to the back of the mind. This helps to create a sense of positivity and productiveness in users that can combat the gnawing negative feelings that these conditions cause while simultaneously dulling chronic pain.

Sour Apple Auto medical benefits can also assist with fatigue-related disorders. Has the creative well run dry, or are mental blocks getting in the way of your new groundbreaking ideas? If so, the stimulating effects of this strain can provide a dual physical and psychological lift to get those synapses snapping, muscles moving, and ideas flowing.

For those with more serious and debilitating behavioural disorders like ADHD, this increased level of focus and attention can be perfect when trying to stay on track with creative tasks.

How to Grow Sour Apple Auto Strain

Growing Sour Apple Auto cannabis seeds is a much quicker and simpler experience than with many plants of a similar sativa heritage. There’s no need to switch to a 12/12 cycle with these top-shelf seeds – just pop them in the ground, watch, and wait out the weeks!

Suitable for indoor growth, outdoor cultivation, and greenhouse environments, it’s a taller than average plant with a powerful smell, and it will need extra support during the end of flowering. Odour elimination methods like carbon scrubbers can help deal with part of this problem, and for indoor growers with space issues, a Screen of Green or Sea of Green setup is an excellent option for controlling plant size while simultaneously ensuring Sour Apple Auto yields reach their full potential. Sour Apple Auto-flowering time is around ten-twelve weeks from germination. Although this is longer than average for an autoflowerer, it’s still much faster than many sativa strains and allows for staggered growth and multiple harvests.

Producing plenty of dense, frost-covered buds with beautiful purple and lime-green mottling, cultivators wanting to get the most out of the pheno’s fantastic terpene profile may want to consider experimenting with extraction methods for the ultimate Sour Apple strain experience.