Buy Lemon Citron strain seeds

Lemon Tree x Geist OG

by Humboldt Seed Organization

AA citrus-heavy, indica-leaning hybrid beauty from Humboldt Seeds, Lemon Citron is a high-quality cannabis strain that offers fast flowering times, a delightful citric aroma, and a relaxing, cerebral buzz.

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Lemon Citron Strain Genetics

Lemon Citron is the product of a child of seedbank favourites in Lemon Tree (Sour Diesel x Lemon Skunk) crossed with Humboldt’s enigmatic Geist OG (Fire OG x III OG). As a result, one side of the family tree is rich in Diesel and Skunk strains, while the other is OG Kush and Cookies all the way up, creating a wonderful juxtaposition of both flavours and effects.

Very much taking the best of both worlds, including impressive growing traits, these cannabis seeds are proof of the genetic knowledge of the Humboldt Seed Organization, creating a herbal masterpiece with this tangy marvel.

Lemon Citron Strain Terpene Profile

With such dominance of citrus fruits in both the flavour and the aroma of this marijuana strain, it is no surprise that the dominant terpene at play is limonene, a terp found in lime and lemon peels. However, that is not the only aspect of the flavour profile.

There’s a spicy, peppery undertone, especially on the inhale. Handed down from the Diesel strains, this is due to the presence of caryophyllene, which may, in some cases, add a slight petrol tinge to the aftertaste. Also present are herbal and piney notes, due to myrcene and pinene, respectively, two terps that add some extra subtle nuances to the tastes and scents.

Lemon Citron Strain Effects

The initial effect of this Lemon Tree x Geist OG strain is a full-body relaxation, a calming for the joints, the muscles, like an instant state of meditation! This is combined with a cerebral, uplifting head high that ensures couchlock is avoided and tasks can be attended to if needed.

With a medium-high THC level (around 16% in most cases), the kick is strong here but not too sedating, creating a good choice of daytime strain, especially if you have a slow, casual day of work or chores to be getting on with. Suitable for an evening time, too, the borderline euphoria of the buzz lends itself well to conversation and giggling, which is always a welcome addition to an evening in good company. 

Lemon Citron Strain Medical Benefits

The uplifting high that is passed down from Lemon Tree may well have medical marijuana potential in this strain too – assistance for those suffering from fatigue. Whether due to tiredness or an underlying condition, this cannabis strain may aid in reducing the symptoms of fatigue and improve focus and mood.

Additionally, medical benefits may also be experienced by those living with anxiety and related conditions. The combination of cannabinoids (namely THC) and terpenes (limonene, caryophyllene, etc.) may support the relief of anxiety symptoms, while myrcene could enhance the anti-anxiety potential of the other terps.

How to Grow Lemon Citron Strain Seeds

One thing to be aware of, especially for indoor growers, is that this cultivar can grow fast. Expect a near doubling in size from these feminized cannabis seeds during the first few weeks of the indoor flowering period, which should be around nine weeks from germination. Large bud sites add some weight to the plants, so trellising is recommended to ensure no damage is caused during the latter stages of growth as the plants can grow to nearly half a metre tall indoors. During the final weeks, cleaning beneath the flowering canopy is essential to ensure the maximum density in the buds for an indoor yield of up to 600 gr/m2.

Outdoor and greenhouse growers of these feminised seeds will want to add two layers of trellising to keep these plants, which can grow up to 4m outside, under control. Thin leaves and long, stacked colas will create large bud sites, lending themselves to vast outdoor yields of up to 4,000g per plant. Lemon Citron grows fast but keeps growing until the luscious tall plants are coated in trichome covered buds!