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Forbidden Fruit x Geist OG

by Humboldt Seed Organization

For a feminized cultivar so rigorous and robust, you could grow it in your sleep, try Forbidden Dream from Humboldt Seeds — an indica-dominant OG Kush offshoot that’s been custom-designed to fulfil your every cannabis fantasy.

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Forbidden Dream Strain Genetic Profile

Humboldt Seeds certainly weren’t sleeping on the job when they crafted these superior cannabis seeds. Born from two delicious tasting strains, Forbidden Dream lineage blends the delectable Tangie x Cherry Pie blend known as Forbidden Fruit with Geist OG – a private and uncirculated selection of the company’s famous 4-way OG Kush cross. This combination has awakened something clearly wondrous within its offspring’s genetic profile, as Forbidden Dream’s aggressive bud development, fast flowering period, and high-quality flavour are the stuff dreams are made of.

Fully sanctioned by Humboldt Seed Organization for simple and straightforward home growth, make your marijuana dreams the stuff of reality with this revelatory marijuana strain, which is now available from MGS as feminized seeds.

Forbidden Dream Strain Terpene Profile

OG Kush strains have an unmistakable flavour that’s equal parts citrus, fuel, and earthy spice. Those looking for a similar taste but with a fruity twist should look no further than this fanciful pheno. Forbidden Dream flavour is a spicy combination of black pepper, sharp pine, and sweet orange peel, with a pungent skunk aroma and earthy kush elements coming through on the exhale.

Forbidden Dream dominant terpenes are myrcene and caryophyllene, which, along with limonene, play significant roles in the characteristic Kush taste. While the former boasts fruity floral notes, caryophyllene has a peppery chemical-tinged bouquet, with limonene bringing citrus flavours to this classic cannabis profile.

Forbidden Dream Strain Effects

For those looking for an intoxicating and long-lasting indica-based high that hits immediately between the eyes before gently drifting down into the body, loosening muscles and mental stress with every hit, Forbidden Dream effects are a match made in heaven. A potent relaxant with pain-busting qualities, it’s not an ideal choice for social smoking, but if you’re in the market for a satisfying, full-bodied experience with a sedative finish, it might just be the strain you’ve been dreaming about.     

This soporific pheno may incite strong feelings of drowsiness if consumed in excess. Although suitable for experienced connoisseurs, those of a lower THC tolerance shouldn’t be surprised by an unscheduled visit from the sandman. Since Humboldt Seeds have confirmed Forbidden Dream THC content as around 17%, we recommended saving this sleep-inducing cannabis strain as a nightcap.

Forbidden Dream Strain Medical Benefits

As its name suggests, Forbidden Dream medical benefits are best suited for those who have trouble sleeping. As a high THC/low CBD strain with a higher than average myrcene content, it’s perfectly designed for treating sleep-disruptive disorders like insomnia. Its strong sedative impact can provide a natural, nightmare-free sleep assistance without the need for pharmaceutical involvement.

Indica strains like this elite cross of Forbidden Fruit x Geist OG are also often used for pain relief owing to their analgesic and inflammatory effects. Forbidden Dream medical seeds are the prime example of the powerful pain-killing effects of the cannabis plant, which can even be effective when treating chronic disorders like MS.

How to Grow Forbidden Dream Strain

Whether you’re growing Forbidden Dream cannabis seeds indoors or out, keep in mind that this is a fast-growing strain that will require training or trellising for support once it enters veg. Forbidden Dream flowering time is nine short weeks from germination, and it can easily double in size during its first two weeks in bloom. Great for hot, dry outdoor climates and indoor SCROG setups, its dark green colouration and crystal-coated, sativa-style fan leaves are a wonder to behold, bringing a touch of class and colour to any grow space.

Under optimum conditions, Forbidden Dream offers an outdoor yield of around 800g or an indoor yield of approximately 500g per m2, but experienced growers can easily push this up to 600g with the right lighting, soil, and nutrients. Finishing with resinous elongated colas that are brimming with that beautiful OG funk, this feminized strain marks a must-have for phenohunters and OG enthusiasts the world over.