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A secret recipe that is full-blooded indica with a brief flowering time make Ewe-2 ideal for shorter summers and growers looking for pure potency. She can withstand cold temperatures and is a sturdy producer.

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Ewe-2 Strain Genetics

The Humboldt Seed Organization has kept the genetics of this strain top secret. Created by breeder Kief Sweat, Ewe – 2 is a 100% indica strain of cannabis that displays all the characteristics of bushy, stocky, low in height indica plants.

Ewe-2 Strain Terpene Profile

Ewe – 2’s aroma is a mixture of fruit and sandalwood. She’s slightly sweeter smelling than typical Kush strains (like OG Kush) but still holds that earthier, musky depth you’d expect. Her taste is long-lasting, with a refreshing ripe-fruit flavour lingering on the palate long after the exhale. A balanced blend of flavour that indica lovers will appreciate.

Ewe-2 Strain Effects

Ewe -2 is a cannabis strain best smoked pure to appreciate its potent and heavy-bodied effects. As a full-blooded indica, her effects come on quite quickly with a deep relaxation taking over the body and tiredness weighing around the eyes. Her entirely calming, sedative effects are likely to leave you feeling dreamy. Ewe-2’s body-high is accompanied by a light, euphoric state of mind making her an excellent choice for meditation or unwinding after a long day.

Medical Benefits Ewe-2 Strain

Ewe – 2’s body-relaxing properties may help relieve tension in muscles and alleviate mild aches and pains. Her high THC content is thought to also help stimulate appetite and reduce nausea; something which may be appreciated by those undergoing treatments such as chemotherapy. Ewe-2’s sedative effects could also potentially provide some relief for those struggling with a lack of sleep or more specifically, insomnia.

How to Grow Ewe-2 Strain

When growing Ewe – 2, it is advised to leave the plants in the vegetative stage for a longer period, to promote more pudding sites when flowering. She will grow with thick fan leaves, which will need to be trained to increase photosynthesis, at the lowest parts of the plants.

This strain will grow with minimal internodal spacing and when flowered remains short and stocky, displaying her 100% indica lineage. She will grow with many side-branches, which produce a bouquet of dense, frosty buds. Outdoors, she performs well, however, when grown in a Mediterranean climate, she will thrive and provide much more substantial yields.