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Bubba Kush x God’s Gift

by Humboldt Seed Organization

Bubba’s Gift is one of those strains that sets itself apart from the pack by having a specific skill set. This here is a genuine workingman’s indica.

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Bubba’s Gift Strain Genetics

Humboldt Seed Organization (HSO) crossed the inspiring Bubba Kush with the sedative indica God’s Gift to create the unique traits of Bubba’s Gift. This 80/20 indica sets itself apart by giving you all the benefits of a good indica without any of the sleepy side effects.

Bubba’s Gift Strain Terpene Profile

Bubba’s Gift is a gift to the senses as well as the mind. It has a complex and rich fragrance that carries over perfectly in its flavor. Expect a flowery bouquet of berry-esque fruity notes, over a baseline of earthy, spicy herbs and pinewood.

Bubba’s Gift Strain Effects

Total body relaxation while allowing you to retain clarity, focus, and motivation – that is the defining and unique skillset Bubba’s Gift has to offer. It gives you all the physical soothing and relaxing benefits of the indica genetics, without the mind sedating side effects. This means you can remain active and focused throughout the day.          

Medical Benefits Bubba’s Gift Strain 

Imagine a safe, effective painkiller without adverse side effects that allows you to do your job. The same goes for all other ailments indica can help with. Think arthritis, muscle spasms, you name it. All the while having a clear head that lets you get on with daily life. That is what set’s Bubba’s Gift apart from the pack.

How to Grow Bubba’s Gift Seeds

With its short and stout stature, Bubba’s Gift is perfectly suited to cultivate in tight spaces, like a small grow tent. Just make sure you provide her with plenty of ventilation and keep her dry, due to sensitivity to mildew. Outdoors, in warm climates or in a greenhouse, is where she feels at home and provides the largest yield.