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Cheese x Bubba Kush

by Humboldt Seed Organization

The best of British and Californian genetics, as an auto-flowering strain. She performs very well outdoors and is highly potent and aromatic. Bubba Cheese has a high resistance to plant disease making her an excellent choice for Northern Europe.

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Bubba Cheese Strain Genetics

Humboldt Seeds have created a strain which incorporates the best of both strains. The hardy resistant Cheese from the U.K and the legendary Bubba Kush from California, make for a first-generation hybrid which remains small and squat in appearance, similar to its parents.

Bubba Cheese Strain Terpene Profile

Bubba Cheese will have a taste of ripe fruits and exotic berries. There will be a thick cheese aftertaste which is comparable to a sweeter version of Blue Cheese. Bubba Cheese is very fragrant and will carry the classic pungent musk that cheese and Kush are strongly associated with. When smoked she has a rich fruity flavor which has a smooth, creamy, sandalwood aftertaste.

Bubba Cheese Strain Effects

Bubba Cheese is a 95% indica and with quite a high THC level of 17% will have a sedative impact. After smoking a joint, users are likely to feel unmotivated and sleepy while enjoying a very calm, cerebral high. The cannabis strain is an excellent choice for smoking in the evenings before bedtime or general lounging around. A great choice for staying indoors on a rainy day and putting your feet up.

Medical Benefits Bubba Cheese Strain

As a 95% indica strain, Bubba Cheese is thought to have properties that may help relieve pressure in the eye caused by Glaucoma. She may also help with cramps and muscle spasms. This lady is also useful to increase hunger, as she will stimulate appetite a significant amount. 

How to Grow Bubba Cheese Seeds

Ready to harvest in just 60 days, this short flowering indica will produce good yields. Bubba Cheese seeds will grow to a maximum height of 90cm, with multiple side-branches producing dense, fragrant buds. A very easy strain to grow and thanks to her high resilience to plant diseases, she may be grown in colder, wet environments such as northern Europe with impressive results.