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Sour Diesel x Emerald OG x Blackberry Kush

by Humboldt Seed Organization

A blend of the most exceptional Californian genetics; Black D.O.G is for real cannaisseurs who want intense flavors and aromas. She will provide you with beautiful purple dense buds with a very short stretch during the flowering stage, making this one perfect for beginning growers.

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Black D.O.G Strain Genetics

Humboldt Seeds combined their best Sour Diesel with Emerald O.G and Blackberry Kush to create Black D.O.G. California is renowned for its highly potent and medicinal indica strains, which produce a hypnotic purple hue as they flower, and Black D.O.G is the perfect example. This is an 85% indica, meaning this first generation cross is considered a medicinal strain.

Black D.O.G Strain Effects

This lady is indica-dominant, so will be potent and heavy bodied. After a few pulls of a vape pen, you will feel instantly relaxed as a floating sensation takes over. Her therapeutic effects can be enjoyed in times of relaxation, medicinally and recreationally.

Black D.O.G can make users very lethargic quite quickly, so using throughout the day this strain may cause tiredness. She is perfect for resting after exercise, relaxing with friends and just before bedtime.

Black D.O.G Strain Terpene Profile

She will produce an intense aroma of grapes and berries, which is mixed with a pungent, gassy overtone and pinewood. Upon inhaling the taste becomes a fierce earthy, diesel, musk which is balanced out by a blend of berry fruit funk. Black D.O.G has an astonishing taste and is a must for lovers of Kush.

Medical Benefits Black D.O.G Strain

Black D.O.G is high in THC and very therapeutic. She has been reported to help relieve nausea. She is indica-dominant, which usually suggests a higher CBD content. CBD is the cannabinoid which may help reduce tremors, seizures and inflammation suggesting that she could be helpful for people suffering from arthritis and posture pains. 

How to Grow Black D.O.G Seeds

This strain will grow with little internodal spacing, as large buds develop all the way from the bottom of the stems to the main cola. With a brief flowering time of 48 days, she is well recommended for Sea of Green growing.

Black D.O.G is 85% indica so will not stretch very much during the flowering stage. She has a high resistance to cold weather and wet conditions, so performs very well indoors and outdoors. A great strain for beginner growers who want large yields of highly resinous, purple tinted buds.