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Turbo Bud Auto x Chronic

by Heavyweight Seeds

A perfectly balanced blend of indica and sativa genetics, Waist Deep Auto is an impressively potent marijuana seed carefully crafted by the strain hunters at Heavyweight Seeds for autoflowering cannabis perfection. Offering powerful physical highs for a fraction of the effort, these top-shelf cannabis seeds are quick to thrive, producing high yields without any loss of quality, making them the ideal starting point for those with limited growing experience. 

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Waist Deep Auto Genetics

With hybridized genetics that marries Heavyweight Seeds original Turbo Bud Auto with a Chronic autoflowering seed, Waist Deep Auto inherits a range of growth and sensory benefits from its impeccable mother plants.

While the term has come to describe any variety of high-grade marijuana, Chronic Auto’s pride and joy is its massive bud to leaf ratio, with Waist Deep Auto borrowing many of the same characteristics from this legendary cup winner. Turbo Bud Auto – a comparable indica/sativa mix – helps speed up the growing process, resulting in a formidable and fast-flowering descendent that doesn’t compromise.

Waist Deep Auto Terpene Profile

Chronic strains, though notoriously potent, are favoured for their nuanced aroma, as is the case with Waist Deep Auto, but its mild odour may come as a welcome benefit to those seeking discretion or favouring indoor growth.

In spite of this, a range of honeyed accents and subtle spices can be identified, the result of caryophyllene and myrcene terpenes that, while relatively low in concentration, work together to create an orchestra of understated flavours that dance delicately upon the palette.

Waist Deep Auto Effects

Despite its carefully proportioned profile, arising from an equal pairing of indica and sativa genetics, Waist Deep Auto offers a predominantly physical experience, offering a paralysing sense of relaxation that can easily lead to couchlock.  

As such, this autoflowering cannabis strain is best reserved for nighttime use, its high THC levels of 19% acting as a potent sedative, providing users with a soporific sense of tranquillity. Moderate use is advised but, in truth, whatever the dosage, Waist Deep Auto is a potent powerhouse best suited to regular cannabis consumers.

Waist Deep Auto Medical Benefits

One of the most abundant terpenes found in commercial cannabis, myrcene is a beneficial compound that’s also found in hops and lemongrass, which have both been used in traditional folk remedies for centuries. Its potential as a muscle relaxant and sleep aid are well documented, making Waist Deep Auto a viable candidate for treating related conditions.   

Caryophyllene, also found within this auto-flowering type has powerful anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties and may be useful in treating diseases such as Alzheimer’s and colitis by decreasing inflammation in the affected organs.

How to grow Waist Deep Auto

Available as auto feminised seeds, Waist Deep Auto produces consistently big yields that require no complex light cycles, nutrients, or maintenance, making it suitable for cultivators of all capabilities. Common to the Chronic phenotype, these autoflowering seeds feature classic indica characteristics, growing into powerful plants dominated by a mighty central cola, with side branches producing additional top-quality buds. 

With a flowering time of just 8 weeks from germination, Waist Deep Auto offers multiple crops per year and with ample yields of 400-500gr/m2, this spectacular hybrid marijuana seed from the seeds company Heavyweight Seeds is truly the gift that keeps on giving.