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Indian Auto x Brazillian Auto

by Heavyweight Seeds

A popular choice in seeds banks across Europe, Turbo Bud Auto is an easy to grow, auto-flowering marijuana strain from the Heavyweight Seeds. seeds co. A high THC strain, the result of three ruderalis strains from Brazil, India and Afghanistan coming together, Turbo Bud auto feminised seeds are a high-yielding tropical delight. 

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Turbo Bud Auto Genetics

Turbo Bud was created by the expert strain hunters at Heavyweight Seeds by combining a Brazillian Auto, an Indian Auto, and an Afghani Auto. With this marriage of autoflowering seeds,  yield and exotic flavour are impressively blended with the high-yielding potential of Afghani Auto strain types, combined with the tropical touches of Brazilian Auto and the herbal touches of Indian Auto uniting to create a truly tropical, and high yielding autoflowering cannabis seed.

Turbo Bud Auto Terpene Profile

We are still finalising details of the terpene profile of Heavyweight Seeds Turbo Bud Auto, but based on the mother plants, combined with the tastes and flavours of this auto-flowering cannabis strain, we can certainly make some educated guesses.

The strong overtones of tropical fruits that are ever-present in the aroma and flavour of Turbo Bud Auto strongly suggest the presence of limonene, which provides a citrus twist on the inhale, and linalool, which add a more floral, fruity flavour which is most present in the intoxicating scent of this Heavyweight Seeds marijuana strain.

Finally, the musky, earthy, herbal feel that lingers on the tongue on exhale is most likely to come from the presence of myrcene.

Turbo Bud Auto Effects

Turbo Bud Auto seeds by heavyweight seeds grow quickly and easily, and the buzz mirror thats. A high THC strain, Turbo Bud´s evenly balanced genetics ensure a perfectly blended balance of both euphoria and relaxation that is both rapid and long-lasting. 

Turbo Bud Auto Medical Benefits

There is a myriad of potential medical marijuana uses for Turbo Bud Auto feminized cannabis seeds. The high THC content (a little under 20%) and the impressively high CBD levels for an auto cannabis strain (over 1%) combine to provide anti-anxiety effects that could be beneficial for those who have insomnia, alleviating nervous tension and making sleep all that easier. The limonene present in Turbo Bud Auto potentially works alongside these cannabinoids to aid stress relief.

At the same time, myrcene may act as a regulator, possibly enhancing the effects of THC and CBD present in these auto feminized seeds to assist even further in the ability to cope with stressful situations.

How to Grow Turbo Bud Auto

The benefit of an autoflowering cannabis flowering type is the limited effort that it takes to grow them, and that is certainly the case here. With very little action from you (mainly turning the light on or off once a day), indoor cannabis growers can see a relatively plentiful harvest, especially for autoflowering seeds, of around 500g/m2. In comparison, those doing an outdoor cannabis grow will be rewarded with a yield of around 160g per plant.

The genetics of these easy to grow auto-flowering type feminized seeds results in dense and compact plants that don’t take up too much space, so you don’t have to worry about having a jungle in your growing room! While the genetics of these auto feminized seeds makes the growing process that much easier, it doesn’t sacrifice on quality, resulting in a truly delectable and potent autoflowering marijuana strain.