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Moby Dick x White Widow

by Heavyweight Seeds

A heady sativa dominant hybrid from our friends at Heavyweight Seeds, Total Paralysis more than lives up to its ominous moniker, delivering beefy body highs coupled with an intense and long-lasting cerebral experience. Leading to a sense of euphoric oblivion and spiritual bliss, with a lofty THC content reaching up to 21%, this is one strain best reserved for seasoned cannabis aficionados.

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Total Paralysis Genetics

Born from a beautiful marriage of two superpowered mother plants, Total Paralysis feminized seeds boast an intimidating genetic lineage that lends this sativa dominant strain its euphoric potency and uncompromising growth rates.

The monstrous Moby Dick – a high-power blend of Haze and White Widow – takes chief responsibility for the strain’s distinctive cannabinoid profile and mammoth THC content; its psychoactive and anxiety-alleviating effects arising from high levels of the rare and valued compound THCV. 

Meanwhile, Heavyweight seeds’ own no-nonsense bestseller, Budzilla, brings its own genetic strengths into the mix, fortifying these 100% feminized seeds and offering agricultural benefits that make them a great option for novice growers.

Total Paralysis Terpene Profile

For those in search of a taste sensation, Total Paralysis cannabis seeds are sure to delight! With a sweet and spicy aroma profile that warrants savouring, limonene, linalool, and caryophyllene terpenes work together in harmony, creating a tantalising medley of musk and juicy berry flavours that’ll send your olfactory senses into overdrive. 

Similarly, aromatic tastes dance upon the tongue upon consumption – a mix of cloves and caramelised winter fruit – while a lingering woody aftertaste gained from humulene and ocimene terpenes adds an extra level of refinement to this mouth-watering cannabis hybrid, complementing its delicious overtones and providing a refreshing finish on the exhale.

Total Paralysis Effects

Blessed with a titanic THC content averaging at 21%, this sativa-dominant powerhouse can be intimidating for the inexperienced, and even for seasoned cannabis users, should be enjoyed in moderation. Arguably one of Heavyweight Seeds’ most potent strains, relinquish your mental inhibitions and ready yourself for a wild ride to euphoric oblivion as Total Paralysis guides you on its intense cerebral rollercoaster course, inspiring creativity and stimulating thought.

As its name implies, temporary lockdown is a distinct possibility, with the hybrid’s long-lasting physical effects second only to its euphoric and psychoactive intensity; two traits typical of stronger sativa dominant strains such as this.  

Total Paralysis Medical Benefits

High levels of humulene and caryophyllene – two compounds commonly found in hops – make Total Paralysis by Heavyweight seeds a particularly effective pain killer; its prominent analgesic effects helping to ease soreness, chronic pain, and even the most uncomfortable of conditions.

These miraculous terpenes, along with linalool and limonene, also feature anti-inflammatory and anxiety-busting properties, making this high THC strain an excellent all-rounder for medicinal cannabis users.

How to Grow Total Paralysis

A hardy and highly adaptable plant with short flowering time, Total Paralysis feminised cannabis seeds welcome outdoor environments, but milder temperatures are sure to bring the highest yields. Simple to grow and even easier to maintain, even newcomers to cannabis cultivation can expect great results from these 100% feminised seeds with first flowering occurring by late September. A high yield of 500-550gr/m2 can be expected for indoor growers.

Yielding elegant, quick-flowering plants laden with vegetative growth and dense, crystal-coated buds, the copious aromatic oils produced by this bountiful strain make it the perfect option for those looking to explore the wider world of cannabis concentrates and methods of resin extraction.