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Chemdawg x Hindu Kush

by Heavyweight Seeds

In their ongoing quest for the ultimate OG Kush strain, Heavyweight Seeds have finally revealed the fruits of their labours in the form of this supersized indica/sativa hybrid. A crossbreed of Hindu Kush and ChemDawg, Superb OG feminised seeds bring all of the finest qualities of the OG family together into one quintessential cannabis strain.

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Superb OG Genetics

With so many OG Kush varieties on the market, the Heavyweight Seeds team set about producing a cannabis strain that combines all their best attributes in one plant, and, after years of rigorous testing, have eventually settled on a fusion of two stellar parental strains.

Sticking close to the original source, ChemDawg, a cannabis cup-winning hybrid marijuana strain of Sour Diesel and OG Kush, brings its old-school genetics to the formula, along with sky-high THC levels and a punchy diesel kick. Hindu Kush on the other hand – a historic indica strain named after the mountains of its homelands – is known for its calming effects and thick crystal coating, granting Superb OG a potency and refinement that’s hard to beat. 

Superb OG Terpene Profile

Don’t let its mild bouquet make you underestimate the strength of this powerhouse plant. Inheriting little of the pungency of its mother plants, you may have expected a wall of aroma from Superb OG, but with this delectable cannabis strain, taste definitely comes first. 

With a mouthwatering citrusy tang that invigorates the palette, along with the chemical taste that’s common to Kush strains, we can thank a high content of limonene and beta-caryophyllene terpenes for the sour and funky flavours that dominate this moreish hybrid. 

Though fans of OG Kush will be familiar with its particular profile, Super OG seeds from Heavyweight Seeds cranks the dial on the combination, hitting with an intensity unlike any other within its phenotype providing us with one of the finest examples of that famed Original Gangster taste and a truly unique sensory experience.

Superb OG Effects

Due to its hybrid genetics and titanic THC content of 20-24%, Superb OG offers a balanced, but intense, high that’s good for both relaxing physically and deep-diving into a wandering mind. Similar to ChemDawg – a diesel strain once described by High Times as the strongest marijuana strain on earth – the strains attributes are highly potent and can be overwhelming, with moderate use recommended.

Expect an intense sativa-leaning sense of mental euphoria, coupled with the body highs of a powerful indica strain, in a hybrid that blends the best of both worlds into a single speculator experience. 

Medicinal Benefits Superb OG

As often the case with OG Kush varieties, the deep sense physical relaxation offered by Superb OG is excellent for treating pain and arises from the high concentrations of beta-caryophyllene terpenes found within this impressive hybrid. Well-known for reducing inflammation, specifically in the brain, this particular compound can also curb chemicals that cause oxidative stress throughout the body. 

Combined with a moderate CBD content of 0.3%, the calming effect of limonene, present in significant levels in both its mother plants, has also shown potential for reducing stress, making Superb OG a viable remedy for anti-anxiety.

How to grow Superb OG Cannabis Seeds

A photoperiod flowering type that is available in feminised seeds only, Superb OG is an ideal choice for cultivating cannabis.

Unlike Chemdawg – a notoriously high-maintenance cannabis strain – Heavyweight seeds Superb OG seeds are fairly resilient and easy to grow, responding well to both indoors and outdoors environments, though hotter climates are likely to produce even higher yields. 

Instead, this hybrid favours the qualities of Hindu Kush, exhibiting the characteristics of a classic indica strain. Indoors, these feminised seeds will grow short and wide to around a meter tall, flowering in 8 weeks, with harvests of 500 g/m2. When grown outside, expect a slower harvest time and a slightly taller spectacular specimen to emerge, bringing a whopping yield of 750 g/plant.