Buy Strawberry Cake strain seeds

Chronic x White Widow x Cheese

by Heavyweight Seeds

Serving up heavy indica highs, THC and CBD-fueled health benefits, and heavenly cheesecake flavours, Strawberry Cake is a deliciously potent triple-layered cannabis treat from Heavyweight Seeds that offers a hefty portion of decadence for all the senses.

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Strawberry Cake Genetic Profile

For when you’re craving for a cannabis strain that’s heavy-hitting but also big on flavour and bred for simple and successful home growth, Heavyweight Seeds have rustled up a recipe that you’re really going to want to take a bite out of. Strawberry Cake lineage includes DNA from three iconic intercontinental phenotypes – Chronic, White Widow, and Cheese – and this genuinely irresistible blend lends this cultivar the perfect balance of quality and quantity. Tasting a little like a fruit and cheese platter and laced with potent THC and CBD influenced indica-dominant effects, it’s a triple-A hybrid in all regards and medically enhanced with pain relief in mind.

Inheriting all of the pungency, strength, and sweetness of their parent parents, plus robust growth genetics, impressive final yields, and incredible healing potential, Strawberry Cake cannabis seeds offer the complete package when it comes to marijuana growth. Now available from MGS as feminised seeds, this threeway blend from the Heavyweight Seeds seedbank has future cup-winner written all over it.

Strawberry Cake Strain Terpene Profile

As expected from its old school genetic profile, this marijuana strain has a strong Skunk influence that’s dominated by pungent herbal aromas and a sour, almost savoury taste. However, as its name suggests, Strawberry Cake flavour also has a fruity quality more commonly found in Cookies strains like Wedding Cake.

This sweet berry bouquet is mixed with a captivating Cheese aftertaste and spicy OG Kush kick, so get those carbon filters and smell proof bags at the ready because once the flowering stage begins, this plant’s funky smell will really make its presence known. For flavour hunters seeking elite and unusual pairings, this stinky sweet and savoury combination will come as a true delight.

Myrcene terpenes are thought to play a significant part in the savoury, skunky flavours that characterise Cheese strains. This chemical also provides much of this strain’s strawberry cheesecake flavour and helps to amplify its sedative and soothing effects. Strawberry Cake abundant terpenes also include beta-caryophyllene and humulene, each providing its own subtle influence on the plant’s flavour and psychoactive impact.

Strawberry Cake Strain Effects

Strawberry Cake is around 70% indica dominant, meaning users should expect a blissful body-based high rather than the amped-up cerebral impact of a sativa. Incredibly forgiving on tired muscles but also tired minds, Strawberry Cake effects are awfully indulgent and notably intense. Just like a big slice of cake, you might feel a little sleepy after consumption, but instead of satisfying your hunger, this sweet treat is more likely to cause a surge in appetite. Pairing perfectly with TV and takeout, we recommend saving Strawberry Cake for after work hours when its effects can be properly savoured.

Strawberry Cake THC level averages at an impressive 22%, which is more than enough for recreational users seeking strength. A notable CBD level of around 1.3% increases its intensity even further while also enhancing its medical potential. Although particularly suitable for arthritic disorders and muscular pain, it isn’t recommended for novice cannabis users or those susceptible to couchlock, as its full-bodied effects can easily consume.

Strawberry Cake Strain Medical Benefits

Strawberry Cake medical seeds benefit from both a high THC content and the subtler health benefits of CBD. The strain’s relaxing high produces a powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect on the body, which is ideal for soothing aching muscles and arthritic pain. Myrcene terpenes also have muscle-relaxing properties along with their well-known sedative effects. Some even believe that when cannabinoids and terpenes work in conjunction, they can increase each other’s potential via a phenomenon known as the entourage effect, making Strawberry Cake a particularly potent medical strain for pain.

In addition to its pain-relieving and sedating potential, Strawberry Cake medical benefits may be helpful to those struggling with appetite loss. Many cancer treatments like chemotherapy can result in a reduced appetite, but high THC cannabis strains can counteract these unwanted effects by provoking a hunger response. Instead of filling your belly like a real slice of Strawberry Cake, this kind is thought to work by stimulating the body to release ghrelin – a hormone that causes us to crave food – which is just what’s needed if you’re aiming to up your calorific intake.

How to Grow Strawberry Cake Strain

Highly suitable for indoor growth and outdoor growers lucky enough to reside in a Mediterranean climate, like its name suggests, growing Strawberry Cake marijuana seeds is a piece of cake. Producing stocky, squat plants that are unlikely to stretch beyond 1.3m in height, this pheno is an excellent option for those space issues or seeking a discreet grow, but if the former is of concern, make sure to explore your odour control options as this a particularly stinky plant.

Although Strawberry Cake yields are impressive, with indoor yields averaging at 500gr/m2 (or 700-900g for an outdoor harvest), its dense, ball-like bud growth and short stature make an excellent pairing for SCROG setups which may boost these harvest numbers even higher.

Though not as fast to mature as an autoflowering strain, these feminised photoperiod seeds are pretty speedy in all regards. Strawberry Cake indoor flowering time is around eight weeks from germination, and we guarantee the time will fly by once she’s planted in the ground. Expect a forest of dense, trichome-covered buds from this Chronic x White Widow x Cheese triple threat come harvest time (around early October for outdoor growers) and a delightful frosted finish that lives up to its name.