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Northern Lights x Skunk

by Heavyweight Seeds

Brought to you by Heavyweight Seeds, Skunky Monkey Auto is an easy to grow, indica-dominant autoflowering cannabis seed from Heavyweight Seeds that offers an exceptionally high THC content and swift acting effects. The buzz is simultaneously strong and gentle, providing a pleasant, relaxing, and long-lasting effect.

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Skunky Monkey Auto Genetics

When it comes to legendary genetics, few come close to Skunky Monkey marijuana seeds, which were created by combining two of the most famous marijuana seeds ever developed, Skunk and Northern Lights. These multi-time cup winners are combined with ruderalis to produce these impressive auto feminised seeds.

The genetic profile of Skunky Monkey is very apparent in the classic nature of this cannabis strain. This hybrid marijuana offers a scent, aroma, and buzz reminiscent of both mother plants, Skunk and Northern Lights while maintaining a personality all of its own.

Skunky Monkey Auto Terpene Profile

While the full terpene profile of Skunky Monkey is still under development, the aromas and flavours of this cannabis strain are so apparent, we can confidently say there are a few primary terpenes present, particularly given our knowledge of the two-parent strains.

The old school flavour of Skunky Monkey, especially on the inhale, is very likely to come from relatively high levels of myrcene. The slight spicy tingle on the exhale is probably a result of caryophyllene being present, and the mild, fruity undertones to the smell of this autoflower cannabis strongly suggest limonene, a terpene also found in the rinds of citrus fruits that have a long history of use in traditional medicine.

Skunky Monkey Auto Effects

Despite its high THC levels (around 20%), the effects of skunky monkey auto cannabis seeds are not as intense as you might expect. Indeed, this cannabis strain acts as a form of herbal nostalgia, an affectionate nod to the award winners in its genetics, with a buzz that’s as traditional as the stunning aromas.

This Heavyweight Seeds strain creates a very social and giggly buzz, likely to make you quite the conversationalist, while also providing a relaxed and chilled sensation. The effects of this autoflower cannabis are not particularly sedating, so you should still be able to get stuff done, you’re just likely to have more fun while you do it.

Skunky Monkey Auto Medical Benefits

The potential of Skunky Monkey as medical seeds is predominantly related to the endocannabinoid system. THC, CBD, and caryophyllene present in Skunky Monkey all interact with cannabinoid receptors, which may support the body’s pain management ability, decreasing the symptoms of pain-related conditions.

Limonene is often used in folk medicine for anti-anxiety purposes while myrcene (also thought to provide anti-stress properties) may act as a regulator, potentially enhancing the effects of other terpenes present in this autoflowering cannabis seed.

How to Grow Skunky Monkey Auto

As an auto-flowering type, Skunky Monkey seeds from heavyweight seeds are very easy to grow, even in comparison to other autoflowering seeds. The plants require no light changes,  which makes these autoflowering seeds an excellent choice for those with less cannabis growing experience. The plants grow short and stocky, taking up limited space without sacrificing the yield, which can be up to 700g/m2.

Suitable to be grown both indoors and outdoors, Skunky Monkey autoflowering seeds offer a relatively fast flowering time (around nine weeks when grown indoors) and will be densely decorated with resinous, beautiful smelling, sticky buds come harvest time.