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AK-49 x White Widow

by Heavyweight Seeds

Short & Sweet Auto feminised seeds are easy to grow, sativa-leaning autoflowering cannabis seeds from the seeds co Heavyweight Seeds. This relatively high THC cannabis strain is characterised by a potent, euphoric, borderline hallucinogenic buzz that takes the whole body with it. While the plants may be short, and sweet, the effects are long and memorable!

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Short & Sweet Auto Genetics 

The powerful kick of Short & Sweet auto is handed down from its hefty genetics of famed cup winners. In creating Short and Sweet, the Heavyweight Seeds seed company crossed two notoriously powerful mother plants in the shape of  AK49 and White Widow, a pair of multi-time award-winning cannabis strains. These two famously potent, high THC legends are crossed with a ruderalis strain to provide the auto-flower properties of Short & Sweet Auto.

Visually, the White Widow influence is evident here, with beautiful, white crystals coating the buds when they’re ready to be harvested. 

Short & Sweet Auto Terpene Profile

The immensely potent scents and flavours of Short and Sweet Auto, combined with the genetic profile, tells a tale of a varied terpene profile present within this auto feminized hybrid strain.

Both parent strains are high in myrcene content, and the earthy flavour provided by this terpene has been passed down to the next generations, Short and Sweet Auto. Caryophyllene is known for adding something a little peppery to proceedings, giving an exotic hint of spice that lingers lovingly in the air and on the tongue. Finishing up the likely main terpene profile are pinene and limonene, the names of these terpenes suggest what they deliver, tones of pine and citrus that combine to create a fresh, uplifting scent.

Short & Sweet Auto Effects

While 16% THC content may not be the highest level you’ll find in the Heavyweight Seeds portfolio, the impact of Short and Sweet Auto is one of the heaviest this seed bank has to offer. Expect to be locked to the couch pretty much as soon as the THC kicks in here.

As should be clear, this is not a marijuana strain that should be touched while you still have anything to do with your day; instead, Short and Sweet Auto is perfect for the end of the day, offering a heavy sedative quality when you’re ready to kick back and get ready for a solid night’s sleep.

Short & Sweet Auto Medical Benefits

The potential medical marijuana properties of these autoflowering seeds come from a high THC and CBD content, combined with the terpene profile. Myrcene and caryophyllene are both thought to provide support for sleep patterns, potentially aiding those with insomnia.

THC and CBD combine well here, with each cannabinoid possibly enhancing the medical potential of the other, resulting in the possibility of relief for pain and inflammation, which could support those with chronic pain issues.

How to Grow Short & Sweet Auto

As the name of these autoflowering seeds suggests, these easy to grow plants will not take up a lot of physical space, but if you are growing indoors, you should be aware that the scent of this cannabis strain can fill a room up quickly, so it’s important to have space and proper ventilation. When grown indoors, this auto feminised cannabis strain needs limited effort from the grower.

The yield is about as expected for an auto-flowering type marijuana seed, offering around 500gr/m2 indoors, or 150g on average per plant for outdoor growers. Short and Sweet feminized seeds can be planted straight into large pots, which saves the need to change the pots during growing and makes the process even easier. Within as little as eight weeks, you can expect these tiny plants to be full of white crystal-covered, resinous buds that pack a punch you’ll never forget.