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Amnesia Haze x Dream Machine

by Heavyweight Seeds

When Heavyweight Seeds created this sativa-leaning hybrid, they really hit the jackpot. With stunningly high yields, Monster Profit really does tick all the boxes. This aesthetically pleasing, easy to grow marijuana seed offers unrivalled yields of up to 800gr per plant, a rapid flowering time, potent silky smoke and exotic flavour that balances quality and quantity in perfect equilibrium.

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Monster Profit Strain Genetics 

Despite its remarkable high yield, Monster Profit is no Frankenstein, having been carefully cultivated from two celebrity cannabis strains, both hailing from vintage landrace varieties, meaning there has been no diluting this cannabis seeds DNA, just as the guys at Heavyweight Seeds intended.

Parent number one is one of those coveted Cannabis Cup winners, none other than Amnesia Haze, a legend among haze strains that scooped first place in the 2012 Sativa Cup. Parent number two comes in the form of Dream Machine, an indica dominant hybrid best known for its shockingly high THC content and powerful sedative effects.

The result of this fabulous crossing is a stunning photoperiod flowering type sativa hybrid with impressive levels of both THC and CBD content.

Monster Profit Strain Terpene Profile  

A culmination of both Amnesia Haze and Dream Machine parentage has resulted in a multifaceted terpene profile, kicking out top notes of citrus on the inhale, melting into creamy slightly nutty notes, rounding off with a smooth, earthy aftertaste.

Overall the flavour comes across as sweet and exotic, with terpenes, limonene, caryophyllene and myrcene to thank. Limonene provides our citrus base, while caryophyllene delivers our mid-notes before myrcene brings everything back down to earth. 

Monster Profit Strain Effects 

As a sativa-hybrid strain, Heavyweight Seeds Monster Profit can be relied upon to provide a clear-headed cerebral high. However, with THC content sitting at around 22%, this is not a marijuana strain for the faint of heart.

Despite its potency, the high you can expect to experience off the back of these cannabis seeds is intense yet pleasant, with the added bonus of mental clarity making this a social smiley smoke ideal for sharing. However, if you’re flying solo, Monster Profit is fabulous as a mid-afternoon pick me up for those days when caffeine just won’t cut it.

Monster Profit Strain Medical Benefits 

The terpene make-up and high levels of CBD content (1.2%) in Monster Profit affords it the potential to be used as a medical marijuana strain. The anti-inflammatory properties of caryophyllene work in tandem with limonene to help improve mood, as well as helping to mitigate and could even help to prevent painful conditions such as osteoporosis.

Myrcene is also a welcome addition to the anti-inflammatory family, with its ability to help improve immune function, reduce inflammation and assist with chronic pain. The relaxing qualities of this terpene are also great for reducing stress levels and anxiety.

How to Grow Monster Profit Strain

These feminised seeds from Heavyweight Seeds really do live up to their name. Whether growing indoors or out, unrivalled yields and a short flowering time make this particular marijuana seed a hit with commercial growers. In just nine short weeks, these unique seeds from heavyweight seeds will develop into glorious plants that tip the scales at a whopping 800g /m2 if you’re growing indoors and a remarkable 1kg outdoors – monster profits anyone?

You don’t need to be an expert to reap those high-yielding rewards as Monster Profit is super easy to grow. However, beware, these bountiful buds will need some support to prevent your branches snapping from their own success.