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Critical Mass x Afghani

by Heavyweight Seeds

Offering plenty of bang for its buck, Money Bush is a no-fuss indica-dominant hybrid strain from the seeds co Heavyweight seeds that was custom-built for the commercial gardener.  A cash crop of the highest quality, boasting a super-fast flowering time and monstrously heavy yields, this high in THC strain’s phenomenal growth credentials is rivalled only by its potent effects. A future cup winner in the making, Money Bush has inherited classic Kush genetics that ensures a satisfying, long-lasting high that’s well worth the investment.

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Money Bush Strain Genetics

Heavyweight Seeds Money Bush cannabis seeds inherit their hardy growth genetics from Critical Mass and Afghani; two knockout indica-dominant strain types that are highly prized within the cannabis community.

As one of the mother plants, Critical Mass – a cannabis cup winner famed for its monstrous, branch-breaking colas – lends this hybrid seed type its heavy leaf to bud ratio and speedy yields, along with the crippling body highs that accompany its consumption. 

The latter, one of the most recognizable and potent indica strain types around, offers additional benefits to these tremendously resilient feminised seeds, including pest resistance and generous resin production.  

Money Bush Strain Terpene Profile

Though bred primarily for maximum gains, Heavyweight Seeds Money Bush doesn’t sacrifice on flavour. Earthy and pronounced with an aroma of intoxicating spices, the hybrid’s sapid terpene profile – dominated by caryophyllene and humulene sesquiterpenes – provides a melting pot of classic Kush flavours, with the same sweet hashish accents of its mother plants detectable on the exhale. 

Herbal notes arising from myrcene – a compound found in high levels in Critical Mass – further round out this hybrid strain’s refined and peppery punch along with a pleasant woody aftertaste courtesy of linalool. 

Money Bush Strain Effects

Mirroring its super speedy flowering times, Money Bush by Heavyweight seeds hits hard and fast with the remarkably long-lasting body highs you would expect from a top-shelf indica dominant cannabis strain. 

A high THC strain, with levels reaching 22%, and a sedative kick that can catch even seasoned users off guard, this is one hybrid that’s best reserved moments of serious downtime, so clear your schedule, grab a comfy chair, and feel your eyelids begin to droop as its prolonged physical effects take charge.

Money Bush Strain Medical Benefits

Linalool and myrcene monoterpenes lend Money Bush feminised cannabis seeds their powerful soporific impact, with even moderate use leading to lengthy periods of drowsy relaxation. As such, this cannabis strain has been noted as being particularly useful for treating sleep disorders such as insomnia. 

Pain relief is another potential benefit with the anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects of caryophyllene offering relief from both mild and chronic conditions.   

How to grow Money Bush Strain

A photoperiod flowering type, designed for speedy results and supersized harvests, Money Bush by Heavyweight seeds are some of the fastest-growing feminised cannabis seeds on the market, with a rapid flowering time of just 7-8 weeks. 

Yielding bumper crops of dense gold-flecked nuggets – its opulent appearance befitting its name – the plant’s resilience – both indoors and out – is second to none, while its stocky indica dominant characteristics make this cannabis strain ideal for those with limited space to hand.

Easy to grow, this feminised seed type boasts a high calyx to leaf ratio that makes manicuring child’s play.  Indeed, Money Bush feminised seeds are truly a cultivator’s dream, offering swift and plentiful results with minimum hassle.