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Bubble Candy x Kashmir

by Heavyweight Seeds

If you haven’t yet joined the congregation, this is your call to prayer. A powerful, yet evenly balanced hybrid strain, Midnight Mass seeds by Heavyweight seeds brings with it the best of both worlds. With a heavenly high that makes these exceptional plants more than worthy of worship at the altar, we challenge you not to end up becoming a Midnight Mass convert.

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Midnight Mass Strain Genetics

Midnight Mass is a powerful hybrid strain, born from its two mother plants, the legendary Kashmiri, a strain known for its dreamy, euphoric and sedative qualities, and Bubble Candy, a lesser-known mood-boosting strain whose DNA genetics remain something of a mystery. 

This Kashmiri Bubble Candy cross has been expertly blended by the experts at the seeds co Heavyweight Seeds to ensure a versatile and evenly balanced hybrid strain that perfectly balances the best attributes of indica strains and sativa strains.

Midnight Mass Strain Terpene Profile

Much like a bold red wine, Midnight Mass kicks out layers of varied scents. Intriguingly, this strain doesn’t seem to carry that familiar dank skunky smell we tend to associate with some marijuana strains. Instead, a sweet fruity fragrance is offset by earthier undertones enveloping the senses and giving way to the slightest hint of spice. 

Most commonly, these types of flavours are the work of terpene myrcene, which can be found in many different cannabis strains as well as the likes of mangoes, lemongrass, hops and thyme. The faithful Midnight Mass following have also cited a subtle presence of pine here, which is likely attributed to pinene, another common terpene present in many varieties of cannabis seeds.

Midnight Mass Strain Effects

Whether it be a quiet stroll out in nature, or some soul searching at home, as one of the most evenly balanced hybrid strains, Midnight Mass is a versatile choice that is very much what you make of it.

As a high in THC strain (around 21%),  Midnight Mass provides a robust physical buzz, familiar in many indica strains, which while relaxing, will be accompanied by moments of great clarity which can inspire creativity, or a valuable burst of energy to aid the completion of those tedious, every-day tasks. 

Midnight Mass Strain Medical Benefits 

Midnight Mass already has a faithful following, many of whom have cited this variety as an excellent stress reliever, helping you to relax and take the edge off any racing thoughts. This sense of chill can most likely be attributed to the presence of myrcene, which is revered for both its calming and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Being a high THC strain further boosts these anti-inflammatory attributes, making Midnight Mass an excellent choice for those managing chronic pain conditions. The CBD content (around 1%) present in Midnight Mass serves to amplify this further by helping to block inflammatory mediators within the brain.

How to Grow Midnight Mass Strain

These feminised cannabis seeds, a photoperiod flowering type, can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors, producing sturdy, compact offspring with a fast flowering time of approximately eight weeks. Growing Midnight Mass indoors, a SOG method will suit these special plants thick uniform growth, but if you prefer to take things outside, a penchant for mould resistance means they will fare equally well in this environment, the choice is yours.

As its name might suggest, Midnight Mass is capable of producing fairly massive yields, making these hardy, and easy to grow feminised seeds a favourite among commercial growers. A yield of around 500-600g/m2 can be expected from an indoor crop, and anywhere up to 800 g/m2 outdoors.