Buy Massive Midget Auto strain seeds

Afghani x Nepalese x Hawaiian x Jamaican

by Heavyweight Seeds

Massive Midget Auto is a welcome addition to our seed bank, courtesy of our friends at Heavyweight seeds. An evenly balanced indica/sativa hybrid, Massive Midget Auto is an exotic gem with a pungent, yet soothing flavour and a fast-acting, cerebral buzz.

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Massive Midget Auto Strain Genetics

This is an autoflowering hybrid cannabis strain with some intriguing genetics, created by crossing an Afghani and Nepalese Auto strain with a Hawaiian and Jamaican Auto strain. That’s a lot of heritage going into this autoflowering seed, and it certainly pays off.

Massive Midget Auto has inherited the best traits from its complicated parenthood, resulting in a top-quality, easy to grow autoflower cannabis seed. Five generations of testing for uniformity and stability produces durable, resilient, plants with fast flowering time and a high yield of dense, resinous buds.

Massive Midget Auto Strain Terpene Profile

We are still developing information as to the exact terpene profile of Massive Midget Auto feminised seeds, but by combining our knowledge of this cannabis strain’s genetics with its traits and flavours, we can make some educated guesses. 

Limonene is likely responsible for the citrus hints in both the aroma and the flavour of this autoflowering hybrid, providing a pleasant little tickle on the exhale, while the richer fruity flavours are a tell-tale sign of linalool, which doubles down on the citrus edge while also adding a more summer fruit undertone that becomes apparent on the inhale. 

Myrcene, the most common terpene in cannabis, is present in these hybrid seeds and is the reason for the classic herbal scent that undercuts the fruity flavours mentioned above. 

Massive Midget Auto Strain Effects

Heavyweight Seeds like to live up to their name, and they’ve done it again with this potent, high THC strain (around 18%). However, this isn’t a knockout buzz. The effects of Massive Midget Auto are conducive to creativity, letting the mind soar while the body relaxes. 

This is not a first thing in the morning cannabis strain but could be useful as an afternoon relaxer before embarking on a creative or artistic project with the rest of your day. Heavyweight Seeds’ Massive Midget Auto suits a casual evening chillout session, complete with an interesting and enlightening conversation.

Massive Midget Auto Strain Medical Benefits

There are several potential medicinal benefits to Massive Midget Auto autoflowering seeds. The high levels of THC present in this hybrid strain suggest that this strain could potentially assist with pain relief

The relatively high CBD content could also help here, enhancing the ability for the endocannabinoid system to bind to naturally occurring cannabinoids and CBD to provide a possible increase in the pain-relieving qualities of this potentially useful form of medical cannabis. 

Limonene and linalool also have the potential to combine to create anti-anxiety effects, meaning this hybrid cannabis strain could be ideal for those suffering from anxiety and stress-related symptoms, such as insomnia

How to Grow Massive Midget Auto Strain

This autoflower cannabis seed has retained the stability and durability of its parent strain types making Massive Midget Auto easy to grow, even for beginners. 

This cannabis strain grows indoors with limited space needed as these plants do not grow above 100cms high and stay dense and compact, giving a high yield of around 450g/m2 despite their diminutive stature. These auto feminised seeds need very little care, 18 hours of grow light (to 6 hours of darkness) per day will suffice, and the durable plants will do most of the work themselves with a flowering time of just eight weeks, faster than many regular seeds or feminised seeds.  

Outdoor growers will see something around 150g per plant from this autoflowering hybrid, again, with very little effort. Indoors or outdoors, the result is a beautifully smelling, impressively resinous bud which offers a truly tasty flavour and unforgettable buzz.