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Afghani x Hash Plant x Northern Light

by Heavyweight Seeds

The newest creation from our friends at Heavyweight Seeds, K.O. Kush is a monstrous combination of three indica dominant strains, resulting in a powerful, high THC hybrid that packs one helluva punch!

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K.O. Kush Strain Genetics

The genetic profile of these feminised seeds can be traced back to three heavyweights of the indica world – Afghani, Hash Plant and Northern Lights. Considering its formidable pedigree, it’s hardly surprising that K.O. Kush is a hybrid kush strain of exemplary quality, inheriting all the finest attributes of its mother plants.

As its name suggests, Hash Plant is famed for its resin production and potency, as is the equally eminent Afghani with both of these indica strains lending K.O. Kush its heavy yields, high THC levels, and numbing physical effects. These traits are further reinforced by Northern Lights genetics; a hardy indica classic with a reputation that speaks for itself.

K.O. Kush Strain Terpene Profile

Overall, the terpene profile of K.O. Kush can be characterised as rich and aromatic with dominant notes of gasoline and spice arising from the prominence of caryophyllene and humulene. A must-try for Kush connoisseurs everywhere, pinene and terpineol terpenes lend this strain its fresh and fragrant undertones and distinctive piney aftertaste. 

As often with Kush marijuana varieties, K.O. Kush is a particularly pungent marijuana strain. Exuding zesty forest scents punctuated with subtle hints of lilac, while its smoke can be somewhat harsh on the palette, heady flavours of fuel and black pepper offer a full-bodied and satisfying taste experience that can’t be compared. 

K.O. Kush Strain Effects

Hitting hard and heavy, K.O. Kush dominates in its arena, unleashing an inebriating body high that’s worthy of its name.

Owing to its impressive THC levels of 19% or more, this potent indica dominant strain is best reserved for evening use and should be enjoyed in moderation. Its long-lasting effects are guaranteed to leave users in a state of blissful tranquillity; perfect for those seeking an escape from the stresses of life.

K.O. Kush Strain Medical Benefits

With substantial levels of myrcene, and a high THC content, K.O. Kush can be considered a promising treatment for a range of medical conditions, particularly insomnia; its renowned sedative effects working as a powerful sleep aid.

Its use as a relaxant also makes this indica hybrid the perfect stress buster, with high levels of humulene and caryophyllene terpenes offering a welcome release from the worries of the working week.

How to Grow K.O. Kush Strain

K.O Kush is available as feminised seeds which are fairly easy to grow and produce stocky, dense plants with typical kush strain characteristics. A plentiful bud to leaf ration, short flowering time (around eight to nine weeks), and excellent mould resistance – a product of its hardy Northern Lights ancestry – makes K.O. Kush the perfect choice for growers in cooler climates and an absolute pleasure to maintain.  

Though resilient in both outdoor and indoor environments, newcomers to cannabis cultivation should beware of temperature changes, with SOG or hydroponic methods offering the best results for this strain.

Easy to maintain, and boasting compressed, flame-licked buds of the deepest green, this impressive hybrid’s heavy yields, high THC level and winning cannabinoid profile are a cannabis cultivator’s dream.