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2 Fast 2 Vast x Jack Herer

by Heavyweight Seeds

Cultivated for a fuss-free growing experience, Jackpot Auto by Heavyweight Seeds is a top prize hybrid strain that blends indica and sativa DNA genetics into a single and remarkably powerful autoflowering indica-dominant cannabis plant. Gaining its impeccable growth genetics from the legendary Jack Herer, the strain’s dual-assault of cerebral and physical effects, combined with a cocktail of sumptuous fruity flavours, provides a unique and multilayered experience, making Jackpot Auto cannabis seeds your winning ticket to sensory bliss. 

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Jackpot Auto Strain Genetics

Aiming for the perfect autoflowering specimen, the Heavyweight team hit the jackpot with their latest effort, settling on a fusion of a top-shelf sativa and one of their own indica hybrids, with additional ruderalis genetics added to guarantee an easy growing experience.

Named after the late great Godfather of cannabis culture, Jack Herer – a multiple cup winner and one Holland’s most renowned sativa strains – lends this hybrid strain its spicy undertones and energising kick, along with the resinous buds that characterise its legendary father plant. 

2 Fast 2 Vast, the Northern Lights laced sequel to Heavyweight seeds’ potent Fast and Vast autoflowering strain, brings a medley of fruity flavours to the mix and an indica impact that offers a welcome counterpoint to Jackpot Autos strong cerebral effects. 

Jackpot Auto Strain Terpene Profile

One of the most complex autoflowering strains now available, a concoction of compounds is responsible for Jackpot Autos pleasant flavour profile, which is especially intense upon the inhale. Defined by the same accents of exotic fruit and citrus that characterise the Northern Lights phenotype, myrcene terpenes – found in mango along with many cannabis varieties – provide an immediate burst of refreshing flavours to this delectable dessert strain. 

A herbaceous aftertaste, courtesy of Jack Herer, is also detectable on the exhale, with its high concentrations of alpha-pinene and terpineol terpenes guaranteeing a nuanced taste sensation.    

Jackpot Auto Strain Effects

Jackpot Auto hits with a potent two-pronged approach; its initial euphoric and energising effects gradually subsiding into an incredibly easy-going and extended body high. Blending the mental stimulation of a high-grade sativa seed and the deep physical intensity that defines indica plants, this heavy-hitting hybrid strain is an excellent all-rounder and, for experienced users, can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Expect a soaring, giggly surge of inspiration followed by a calming and comforting stoned sensation, with Jackpot Auto cannabis seeds boasting a high THC content of 19% that’s nothing to be sniffed at.

Jackpot Auto Strain Medical Benefits

Dominant in around 1 out of 10 cannabis strains, terpinolene – present in abundance in the DNA genetics of Jackpot Autos mother plants – is known for its antibacterial and pest repelling properties. Recent studies have also shown the elusive terpene’s potential for reducing heart disease and the growth of cancer cells.

On the flipside, alpha-pinene – the most common terpene in the natural world – has been shown beneficial in combating anxiety and alleviating pain, and, more pertinently, may help combat the short-term memory loss associated with a high THC/ CBD content cannabis strain such as this.  

How to grow Jackpot Auto Strain

Easy to grow and able to thrive in cooler temperatures where other strain types might struggle, these autoflowering seeds are particularly suitable for outdoor cultivation but can be grown in a variety of locations at practically any time of the year. 

This auto feminised flowering type grows to around 80-100 cm tall in 9-10 weeks from seed to harvest, producing compact, resinous plants laden with buds of the highest quality, a welcome consequence of its Jack Herer genetics. This sticky, stocky autoflowering cannabis strain is perfect for those looking to explore the world of concentrates with its high yields offering around 600-800gr/m2 in an indoor growing set-up.