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Heavyweight Seeds is delighted to announce the arrival of Goldmine, an easy to grow, indica-dominant hybrid, high in THC strain. A new favourite among indica strain types, prepare to be dazzled as this phenomenally potent hybrid has the potential to send both your body and spirit soaring.

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Goldmine Strain Genetics

This special addition to the Heavyweight range was forged from Mazar, a cornerstone when it comes to famous indica strains, usually grown in the far north of Afghanistan and highly revered for its immense yields. This marijuana strain has been expertly blended with AK-49, a phenotype of its predecessor AK-47, a legendary cannabis cup winner known across the world.

The result of this impressive genetic backdrop is a potent indica-dominant hybrid that offers organoleptic properties, including a wealth of sparkling trichomes. As such, these impressive feminised seeds have become a popular choice in seeds banks across Europe.

Goldmine Strain Terpene Profile

When it comes to flavour this Heavyweight Seeds creation really has hit the jackpot. The taste is exquisite, presenting the palate with a spectrum of delicious fruity flavour. Indeed, it’s hard not to appreciate this exceptional plant, and a true cannabis connoisseur will instantly pick up on intense flavours of berries laced with honey. 

This bouquet of wild berries on the initial inhale can be attributed to terpene limonene, which is responsible for most fruity or citrusy strains. On the exhale, thanks to parentage from AK-49, as well as terpenes caryophyllene and humulene, we are left with a soft woody aftertaste which is pleasant rather than overpowering.

Goldmine Strain Effects

24 carat quality and not for the faint-hearted, if you’re trying Heavyweight seeds Goldmine for the first time, a super high THC content of around 22% means lift-off will come on fast. However, get through the turbulence, and like many of the best hybrid indica strains, a mellow, long-lasting, full-body experience awaits at the end of this pot of gold. 

Given this exceptionally high levels of THC content, this particular roller-coaster is best-suited for the more experienced cannaisseur with newcomers advised to moderate their dosage.

Goldmine Strain Medical Benefits

Due to a winning combination of high THC content and moderate CBD levels (around 1%), this cannabis strain may offer a number of therapeutic benefits. Experts cite that together, THC and CBD are best at nullifying pain due to these compounds altering the way our brains perceive it.

The terpene limonene also carries with its anti-inflammatory properties, further heightening Gold mine’s potential usage as medical marijuana for pain relief, as well as helping to provide some respite from issues such as anxiety and stress.

How to Grow Goldmine Strain

A photoperiod flowering type, Gold mine is available as feminised seeds. Easy to grow and quick flowering time, this delightful marijuana strain will grow to a plant height of around 80-120cm in an indoor setting and up to 200-300cm when grown outdoors. 

In just 9-10 weeks flowering time, with the right care and attention, Goldmine female seeds will produce gorgeous fat colas that oozes resin, like a thick golden syrup. A high yield of 500-600gr/m2 can be expected when growing indoors and as much as 1000gr per plant in an outdoor setting.

It’s worth noting that although this cannabis strain can be cultivated both indoors and out, this stuff does kick up a bit of a stink, so if growing indoors, make sure you acquire some quality activated carbon filters to ensure the appropriate ventilation.