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Mazar Auto x Fast and Vast

by Heavyweight Seeds

Extreme Impact Auto is an indica-dominant, auto by Heavyweight Seeds. With a name like Extreme Impact, and coming from a seed bank like Heavyweight Seeds, you’ll be making some assumptions about the potency of this high in THC strain, autoflowering cannabis seed and you won’t be disappointed – It kicks like a mule!

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Extreme Impact Auto Strain Genetics

Heavyweight Seeds have created Extreme Impact Auto feminised seeds by combining two heavy-duty mother plants in the shape of autoflowering cannabis indica strains, Fast and Vast Auto, and Mazar Auto. Indeed, the cup winners in the genetic profile of this Heavyweight Seeds developed autoflowering strain have provided Extreme Impact Auto with a truly impressive genetic profile.

Fast and Vast Auto is an autoflowering seed version of a marijuana seed that offers a famously cerebral high, while Mazar Auto is another auto-flowering type cannabis variation of a legendary, Afghani strain known for its relaxing vibe and high CBD content. 

Extreme Impact Auto Strain Terpene Profile

While the terpene profile for this high THC level autoflowering strain is still under development, the combination of two notable flavours and scents, combined with the mother plants of Extreme Impact Auto, means we can make some educated guesses.

The intense and memorable flavour of these easy to grow auto feminised seeds is characterised by a combination of an earthy flavour and aroma, likely caused by the presence of myrcene in these seeds from Heavyweight Seeds with a citrus twist that lingers on the tongue on the exhale, most likely the result of a folk medicine favourite, limonene.

Extreme Impact Auto Strain Effects

The high THC level (well over 20%) and relatively high CBD content (a little under 1%) present in Extreme Impact Auto helps to create quite a buzz, even by Heavyweight Seeds’ high standards. Thanks to the presence of CBD balancing out the intensity of THC effects, the cerebral, euphoric, full-body high provided by Extreme Impact can create the ultimate in relaxing vibes.

If you’re planning on enjoying Extreme Impact Auto during the day, make sure you have nothing left to do. This auto-flowering strain may promote creative ideas, but it will also make you temporarily uninterested in doing anything about them. It’s best to save those plans for when the tranquil and relaxing high wears off. 

Extreme Impact Auto Strain Medical Benefits

The potential medical benefits of Extreme impact Auto feminized seeds are a result of the cannabinoid and terpene combinations present in this Heavyweight Seeds, high in THC strain. Myrcene and limonene are both thought to provide anti-anxiety benefits, giving this hybrid strain the potential to reduce stress-related issues.

THC and CBD both work with the body’s endocannabinoid system in different ways. Cannabinoid receptors in the body aid with the management of pain, meaning that extreme impact auto feminized seeds may aid with pain relief for those with chronic pain, migraines, and other pain-related issues.

How to Grow Extreme Impact Auto Strain

Compared to a regular photoperiod strain, Heavyweight Seeds Extreme Impact Auto is a very easy to grow autoflowering seed. As such, these feminized seeds will grow well indoors and outdoors in most climates.

Extreme Impact Auto is a perfect choice for beginner growers, with these short, sturdy plants having a flowering time of just eight weeks when grown indoors under grow lights. 

When these impressive auto feminised seeds are ready to harvest, they’ll let you know by providing a wealth of large, sticky, resinous buds with a beautiful but pungent citrus edged aroma. A high yield of 650 gr/m2 can be expected from this marijuana seed, even compared to regular seeds, and is not likely to be affected by pests or mould.