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Brazilian x Afghani x Indian

by Heavyweight Seeds

Ever wanted to shape your own dreams? With Dream Machine from Heavyweight seeds, it might just be possible! This indica-leaning, high in THC strain from the seeds bank Heavyweight Seeds was designed to deliver a smooth sleepy smoke that not only tastes divine but comes with a raft of therapeutic potential.

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Dream Machine Strain Genetics

As with many impressive hybrid strains, Dream Machine by Heavyweight Seeds is a veritable melting pot of cannabis cultures, having been uniquely derived from three vintage landrace strain types: Afghani, Indian and Brazilian. Although Brazilian is typically sativa, the indica dominance of Afghani is more apparent in these impressive feminised cannabis seeds.

Often named after whence they came, landrace cannabis seeds are those originally cultivated in their natural environments and most notably, have never been crossbred with anything else, making their genetics less diluted than some of their more modern counterparts.

Dream Machine Strain Terpene Profile

Notes of lemon and cedar manifest themselves in a balanced blend of earthy sweetness, intensified when Dream Machine’s bushy buds are ground or broken open. A delightfully smooth and sweet smoke, Dream Machine inherits many of the qualities present in its genetic backdrop.

Although we don’t officially know which terpenes are present in Dream Machine, it’s probably safe to assume we can attribute that rich earthiness to myrcene, a common terpene dominant in many different cannabis strains. 

Dream Machine Strain Effects

Consider Dream Machine your cocktail of calm, ideal for those lazy days when you want to kick your feet up and indulge in a little downtime. Being a high THC strain (around 20%) makes it pretty difficult to do much else, so this particular hybrid cannabis strain is recommended for nighttime use. So, put on something comfy, get settled and relish in doing quite frankly, very little.

Once you’re good to go, a powerful high awaits, if you can fight the fatigue. The high from Dream Machine comes on much like a wave, softly cascading over you, helping to ease you into a weighty state of spacey contentment. 

If you’re not a seasoned smoker, proceed with caution as too much, and this potent, high THC strain will have you knocking out Z’s in a matter of minutes. After all, it ain’t named Dream Machine for nothing.

Dream Machine Strain Medical Benefits

With CBD content pushing 2%, there is definite medicinal potential with this impressive hybrid from Heavyweight Seeds.

Working in synergy with a high THC content, dominant terpene myrcene is ideal for those suffering from sleep disorders such as insomnia. This terpene also acts as a powerful muscle relaxant so is excellent for managing many chronic pain conditions. Nausea can also be alleviated in the right doses, potentially helping with loss of appetite.

How to Grow Dream Machine Seeds

Heavyweight Seeds Dream Machine feminised seeds can be grown both indoors and out, but bear in mind, this hybrid marijuana strain likes to keep things on the down-low, quite literally. Ensure to keep your plant height below 1.5 metres to obtain the maximum rewards, up to 1000g per m2.

With a fast flowering time of around 9 weeks when growing indoors, your cannabis seeds will give way to a plethora of sticky, rock hard, resinous buds, bursting with a kaleidoscope of colours. 

Ultimately, the Dream Machine marijuana seed will develop into a small but perfectly formed plant and the ideal marijuana strain for those that want to maximise the use of space when cultivating cannabis in an indoor environment.