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Fruit Punch x NYC Diesel

by Heavyweight Seeds

Providing an energising buzz for both body and mind, Diesel Drift, a sativa dominant hybrid from Heavyweight Seeds, is the perfect cannabis strain for daytime drifting. Available in feminised seeds having been developed as a cross between the legendary New York Diesel and Fruit Punch, this, high in THC strain delivers a clean and clarifying high combined with that signature Diesel strain flavour that is as smooth as it is tasty,

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Diesel Drift Strain Genetics

If we follow back Diesel Drift’s family tree, we find some serious celebrity lineage. Parent number one comes in the form of Fruit Punch, a tropical sativa dominant hybrid born itself from a series of classic cup winners Skunk, Northern Lights and Haze.

The second of our mother plants is the world-renowned New York Diesel, another sativa dominant hybrid formed from the landrace strains Mexican and Afghani. Over the years this famous cannabis strain has been among cup winners not once, not twice, but a remarkable nine times.

Diesel Drift Strain Terpene Profile

Out of the gate, Diesel Drift from Heavyweight Seeds smells and tastes incredibly fresh and very fruity. However, rather than sweet, this initial flavour is a little on the tart side, reminiscent of lime or grapefruit. This zesty freshness can be attributed to the presence of the terpenes limonene and myrcene.

Surprisingly, limonene (with a bit of help from caryophyllene) is also the terpene responsible for Diesel Drift’s namesake, that signature and unmistakable fuelly funk, a signature of the Diesel strain type which leaves a slightly sour yet delightfully pleasant aftertaste on the palate.

Diesel Drift Strain Effects

Diesel Drift delivers a soaring high typical of the best sativa strains, which is as much cerebral as it is physical. An ideal choice for social gatherings, Diesel Drift helps you to relax into your rhythm, provoking moments of creativity and inspiration that can leave you feeling both relaxed, and more sociable. 

A high in THC strain (around 18%) ensures Diesel Drift’s potency, however, with reasonably high levels of CBD content as well (close to 1.3%), this sativa dominant strain offers balanced, cerebral effects that ensure focus and clarity is retained. As the high wears off, allow yourself to float back down to earth with the deep body relaxation offered up by the delectable Diesel Drift from Heavyweight seeds.

Diesel Drift Strain Medical Benefits

The alertness afforded by this sativa dominant cannabis strain makes it great for fighting fatigue, with a lot of consumers favouring Diesel Drift first thing in the morning to help kick start their day (and appetites).

Thanks to Diesel Drift’s limonene content, its uplifting nature also makes it a useful tool to have in your arsenal against conditions such as stress or anxiety, providing a much welcome energy boost. Anxiety prone consumers have also praised this particular strain for its ability to help eliminate social apprehension, with the absence of paranoia a notable bonus.

How to Grow Diesel Drift Seeds

Whether growing indoors (under grow lights) or outdoors, in around ten weeks flowering time, this photoperiod flowering type will yield about 500g /m2 of high-quality cannabis. 

Indoors, the average plant height is somewhere between 90 -150cm however, if you choose to plant outdoors, these feminised seeds will develop into gorgeous plants that can reach up to 200cm. With a reasonably quick flowering time of 10 weeks, Diesel Drift feminised seeds produce huge beautiful buds that are as dense as they are resinous.

A word of warning when growing indoors, however – Diesel Drift cannabis seeds will develop into something of an odiferous beast, so ensure you have an efficient air filtration system in place to nullify that signature Diesel strain stench.