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G13 x Skunk #14

by Heavyweight Seeds

Coming from Heavyweight Seeds and with a name like Budzilla, you’re probably expecting a monstrous effect with these sativa dominant hybrid cannabis seeds, and you won’t be disappointed! This fast-flowering marijuana strain has truly legendary genetics and retains a classic taste with remarkably potent effects.

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Budzilla Strain Genetics

Budzilla feminised cannabis seeds are the result of some heavyweight breeding (pun very much intended) combining cup winner G13 with Skunk #14 to create a high THC (well over 20%) masterpiece that’s a must for the seasoned veteran of the cannabis world. 

Both strain types are favourites, and Budzilla retains the classic taste and aroma, rich in old school skunk flavours with dashes of haze, combining the best traits of its parents for a taste of old school with a modern twist. The result is a truly impressive and potent Sativa dominant hybrid. 

Budzilla Strain Terpene Profile

The varied terpene profile of this hybrid strain brings with it a memorable flavour and scent, along with a range of potential health benefits. 

Myrcene is the terpene that creates that classic taste and well-known cannabis aroma with its herbal, earthy combination and can act as a regulator, enhancing the potential effects of other terpenes. 

Also present in this marijuana strain is limonene which, as the name suggests, provides a citrus touch on the exhale. Caryophyllene, adds a peppery, spicy touch that adds variety to both the aroma and the flavour. Caryophyllene is also said to provide pain relief and anti-inflammatory qualities. 

Budzilla Strain Effects

This is a cannabis strain that works for most times of day, and while it packs a punch, the cerebral effects tend to promote creativity and be a solid source of inspiration as opposed to moving the mind towards rest and relaxation.

Soaring highs and supreme sensations of euphoria make this hybrid strain perfect for a relaxing summer’s day. For cannabis connoisseurs looking for a high THC strain that doesn’t provide the expected catatonic results, Budzilla takes some beating!  

Budzilla Strain Medical Benefits

The high THC content combined with the terpene profile of Budzilla cannabis gives this marijuana seed numerous potential medical properties. 

The combination of limonene and myrcene present in this hybrid strain is thought in traditional medicine circles to aid in the relief of the symptoms of mild anxiety and stress, aiding relaxation and possibly helping to counteract struggles getting to sleep during times of anxiety. 

Budzilla also shows strong medical marijuana potential thanks to the caryophyllene and high THC levels present in this hybrid strain, both of which bind to cannabinoid receptors and may aid in the relief of pain and inflammation. 

How to Grow Budzilla Seeds

These easy to grow, Budzilla feminized seeds with a fast flowering time create huge, dense buds that let you know when they’re ready by letting out a pungent and beautiful aroma. Airflow is essential to prevent any mould developing, so indoor growers should ensure there are some open windows nearby, and it helps if the plants are kept relatively short. 

Outdoor growers can expect a yield in excess of 700g per plant if grown in warm weather (this marijuana seed does not enjoy a cold climate). Indoor cannabis growers will do well too, some effort is required to prevent mould though, but if you make that effort, you’ll be rewarded with a monster crop of around 500-550g per square metre and an aesthetically beautiful bud formation in around eight to nine weeks. 

In truth, these feminized seeds from Heavyweight Seeds are quite exceptional, producing high yielding, dense buds, a classic taste, and a long-lasting buzz.