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Power Plant is a sativa-dominant hybrid that takes its potency from the sativa in its genetics. Brought to you by our very own Guru Seeds, Power Plant seeds are a fast flowering, easy to grow sativa dominant seed (with a THC level around 16%) that is used both recreationally and as medical cannabis. 

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Power Plant Strain Genetics

The Power Plant strain is near to being a 100% African Landrace but has certain characteristics that are more common in indica strains. The reported indica in the heritage of Power Plant results in high yielding seeds that are amongst the most popular available today.

Despite the genetic uncertainty, this sativa leaning choice remains a pure and stable strain that maintains a glowing reputation with both consumers and growers alike. 

The supposed indica ancestry is also thought to contribute to these fast flowering seeds being a well-tested and stable phenotype, making it a constant favourite amongst gardeners and beginner growers. These heavy yielding, high in THC seeds, are thought to provide some of the most generous cannabis harvests.

Power Plant has also played parent a few times, most notably to popular newcomers Alpine Blue and American Pie.

Power Plant Strain Terpene Profile

The terpene profile of Power Plant is thought to be conducive to stress relief and productivity. A rich, smooth flavour, with a spicy, peppery kick, and a pungent aroma, as the name suggests, this is something of a pure power (plant) strain.

Alpha-pinene creates this cannabis strain’s pine forest aroma and smooth flavour on the inhale. Alpha-Pinene is said to have anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties. 

Limonene is also said to have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, which helps to explain why Power Plant is a popular choice of medical cannabis seeds for many. This combination of alpha-pinene and limonene along with touches of other terpenes combines earthy, woody tastes and smells with lingering hints of citrusy lemon that add to the flavour of this potent heavy yielding strain.

Power Plant Strain Effects

Famed amongst both recreational and medical cannabis users alike, Power Plant creates a high that is as dominant in the influence of South African sativas as its genetic background.

With low CBD levels, this relatively high in THC strain (around 16 to 20%) really is a pure power plant. With a strong and almost immediate effect, this marijuana strain should be handled with care, especially by the less experienced consumer. For the more experienced sativa lovers, the uplifting, energetic high, created by the combination of limonene and alpha-pinene, which are both thought to have anti-stress properties, promotes productiveness first thing in the morning, or when used for maintaining alertness during the day.

Power Plant Strain Medical Benefits

A multiple cannabis cup award-winning sativa dominant strain, this high THC choice is thought to help with a number of health conditions.

The pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory possibilities of both alpha-pinene and limonene are thought to create the painkilling effect that makes Power Plant a favourite of those with chronic pain issues. 

Indeed, medical cannabis strains with a higher THC level, especially South African sativas, are also thought to increase hunger, meaning this fine sativa dominant cannabis strain could be helpful for those suffering from a lack of appetite. Other African sativas like Durban Poison are also thought to be particularly effective in treating a lack of appetite. 

Power Plants low CBD levels are countered by its impressive terpene profile, meaning there is also the possibility of it also offering some anti-inflammatory qualities as well as relief from acute pain.

How to Grow Power Strain

A heavy yielding, easy to grow sativa leaning strain that is as potent as it is plentiful, Power Plant marijuana is a hugely popular choice for both growers and consumers alike. Indeed, this marijuana seed has earned a fierce reputation in the world of cannabis growing as one of the best outdoor seeds available. 

Available as feminised seeds, Power Plant is easy to grow, fast flowering and offers an impressive yield whether seeds germinated are grown outdoors, in greenhouses, or indoors. Common grow advice suggests Power Plant reacts best to Mediterranean climates, so growers in places with cooler temperatures should consider growing indoors to guarantee delivery of the best results.