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Alpha OG x XXX OG

by Guru Seeds

With an immense THC level and an epic lineage, this easy to grow, High Times Cannabis Cup winning cannabis strain provides a potent, yet relaxing full body buzz full of euphoria. Strap in, because Godfather OG makes you an offer you won’t want to refuse!

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Godfather OG Seeds Genetics

With a name like ‘Godfather’, you know that family is important to Godfather OG, and the genetic background of this hybrid cannabis strain certainly backs that up, with the parent strains being XXX OG and Alpha OG. Not only are these two strains Cannabis Cup winners, but they also took first and second place in the 2014 LA Cannabis Cup.

While taking the best traits from its parents, this OG strain, an LA Cannabis Cup winning marijuana seed in its own right, has developed its own personality, with a high THC level and flavourful terpene profile.

Godfather OG Seeds Terpene Profile

The terpene profile of Godfather OG feminized is the reason for the notable aroma of this strain, that you can sense from a fair distance away, as well as the delightful tastes that explode on the tongue.

Myrcene provides a herbal base to this marijuana strain, keeping things traditional on the bottom level, while other scents and flavours provide dashes of colour. Humulene offers a hoppy, earthy flavour to this OG strain, while the spicy smell of caryophyllene is echoed by the peppery pinch on the tip of the tongue on exhale. Limonene is also present in the concoction, giving a hint of bitter lemon (when combined with caryophyllene) to the overall earthy flavour of this sensation marijuana strain.

Godfather OG Seeds Effects

The effects of Godfather OG are potent, fast-acting, and long-lasting, the perfect combination we’re sure you’ll agree. One of the strongest strains around, the THC content has been measured up towards 30% in some cases, and averages around the 20% mark, providing a powerful kick as a result.

There’s not too much in the head here, beyond a fantastic feeling of relaxation and potential sleepiness reminiscent of its XXX OG and Alpha OG parents. Your thoughts will still be flowing, probably more than usual. It is the body buzz that really stands out, however, creating a full-body uplift, complete with a sense of euphoria that tingles in the toes and flirts with the fingers, truly the Don of all OGs.

Godfather OG Seeds Medical Benefits

Considered to be a prised medical strain in US seed banks, one of the most popular medical marijuana uses of Godfather OG is as a sleep aid, assisting in the relief of insomnia thanks to the high THC level and the relaxing properties of the limonene and humulene found in this cannabis strain.

The THC and caryophyllene present in Godfather OG strain offer the potential for pain relief, and the effects of both can be enhanced by the relatively high myrcene content, creating the medical strain potential to assist with chronic pain and related issues such as migraine.

How to Grow Godfather OG Seeds

Godfather OG feminized seeds are easy to grow with a fast flowering time and a high yield. These medium-sized plants (with a plant height approaching 100cm) will flourish inside and outside with a little tend loving care from the grower.

Indoor growers can expect a hearty harvest of healthy, resin-coated buds from this marijuana seed after as little as seven weeks with an impressive yield of 350 to 450 grams per square meter.

Whatever you preferred method to grow marijuana is, a dense covering of buds will coat Godfather OG plants and you´ll soon learn why Godfather OG is considered to be one of the strongest strains available today.