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Blueberry x Sour Diesel

by Guru Fire

Slaying the competition with its fantastic colour scheme, fiery flavours, and a formidable psychoactive assault, Purple Dragon is a monstrous purple balanced hybrid from Guru Fire that’s here to chase all your worries away.

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Purple Dragon Genetic Profile

Fire breathing lizards may be the stuff of fantasy, but Purple Dragon cannabis seeds are very much real and now available from Guru Fire for growers to rear at home. Though some legends say this ravenous beast was bred from Blueberry and Sour Diesel, others claim it’s the offspring of Purple Urkle and Blue Dragon.

Whichever mythical pair brought this cannabis strain to life, Purple Dragon lineage has birthed a monstrous indica hybrid with a striking purple colouration, smokey flavour profile, and heavenly healing effects.

Once difficult to capture and only available as a clone-only marijuana strain, now growers throughout the lands can try their hand at taming this ferocious phenotype with Purple Dragon marijuana seeds from Guru Fire. Enriched with autoflowering genetics, they’re easy to cultivate for heroes young and old and are a marvellous way to add a little magic to your marijuana garden.

Purple Dragon Strain Terpene Profile

Purple Dragon aroma is a peppery blend that’s less fire and brimstone and more fruit and berries. Growers will notice a prominent blueberry smell emanating from this strain during flowering, along with hints of skunk, sage, and fragrant Hindu Kush scents. On the tongue, this pheno follows a similar musky, floral direction with refreshing earthy undertones and notes of pine and herb lingering long after the smoke has dissipated.

Purple Dragon dominant terpene is caryophyllene, and it’s this smokey sesquiterpene that’s responsible for its captivating musk. The skunk scents of myrcene and limonene also play a vital role in the strain’s fruity flavours, while alpha-pine provides the refreshing kick that comes at the end. All of the terps also contribute to the strain’s calming psychoactive profile, amplifying the effects of THC via a phenomenon known as the entourage effect.

Purple Dragon Strain Effects

Fairytale dragons are often said to be irritable creatures, but Purple Dragon effects are entirely the opposite. Though an indica-dominant breed, it’s decidedly balanced and delivers a relaxing body buzz accompanied by sativa-like euphoric effects and cerebral positivity. Expect a giggly, uplifting experience, tension relief, and a floaty cerebral sensation as your mind takes to the skies and its gentle dragonfire scorches your worries and stress to cinders.

Once you enter this dragon’s lair, prepare yourself for a thrilling psychoactive adventure. Purple Dragon THC content averages at around 21% and, while this may be fairly high, its impact isn’t so oppressive.

Dry eyes and dry mouth are a possibility, but even heroes in training can take a swing at this monster without fear of any particularly fiery repercussions. It won’t send you into a thousand-year slumber either and is generally safe for daytime consumption if your tolerance is average-high.

Purple Dragon Strain Medical Benefits

While not magically endowed like the healing dragons of Eastern legend, Purple Dragon medical seeds do possess many curative qualities. This dispensary bestseller is utilized for everything from migraines and muscle spasms to stress relief thanks to its high THC levels and caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene rich terpene profile. All three of these terpenes are known for their calming effect on the central nervous system and work alongside cannabinoids like THC to relax the body and mind.

Purple Dragon medical benefits also apply to other mood disorders like depression. The positive mindset promoted by this phenotype’s uplifting psychoactive effect can help alleviate feelings of sadness and melancholia in patients, and, unlike many medicines, its effects are instant and free of side effects. As these mood changes are only temporary, Purple Dragon won’t cure your condition, but it may help you to see your problems from a new perspective.

How to Grow Purple Dragon Strain

This autoflowering plant is a hardy breed that can adapt to most environments. Growing Purple Dragon marijuana seeds indoors or outside are both viable options for home cultivators. However, they do prefer a warm and humid climate if grown outdoors and will be ready to harvest around mid-October.

Indoors, Purple Dragon flowering time will be around eight-nine weeks from germination. During this stage, growers can expect blue and purple shades to appear within the plant’s mossy green nugs, which perfectly compliment the fiery orange trichomes that cover them.

The plant’s characteristic colours – caused by pigments known as anthocyanins – are stimulated by pH changes and cold weather, and growers can encourage these by dropping the temperature of their grow space during the last weeks of flowering. However, this is only advised for experienced cultivators as such action can easily shock or kill your plants. It’s a far better option to focus on increasing Purple Dragon yields, which are categorized as medium-high. Techniques like SOG, SCROG, and LST are all proven to help boost marijuana growth, so if you’re hoping for dragon-sized harvests, we recommend doing some background research.