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Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies

by Guru Fire

Japan’s long-loved confectionary gets the cannabis treatment with Mochi – a delightful indica-dominant hybrid from the Guru Fire limited edition collection.

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Mochi Strain Genetic Profile

Mochi – a sugary glutinous rice treat from Japan – is a favourite among foodies the world over, and now this in-vogue confectionary has a cannabis equivalent you can grow at home. First bred by The Cookiefam – the threeway collective that birthed the original GSC strain – Mochi lineage brings together the best traits of two fantastic marijuana strains in a single sickly sweet hybrid. DNA from Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies has lent this delectable cultivar plenty of raw psychoactive power and an aromatic ice cream flavour that’ll have dessert connoisseurs screaming ‘oishii’!

Once a clone-only strain and impossible for most home growers to find, this indica cultivar (sometimes known as or Gelato 47 or Mochi Gelato) is now available from MGS as feminized cannabis seeds. Why not make this coveted candy cultivar the new addition to your own psychoactive zen garden with Mochi marijuana seeds from Guru Fire?

Mochi Strain Terpene Profile

If you’ve never tried this strain’s namesake dessert before, then ready your tastebuds for a tsunami of flavour. Mochi aroma is formed of a fragrant blend of incense and ice cream, and its taste is equally tempting. A little like Gelato or other sweet-tasting strains such as Birthday Cake, it has a rich and fruity cocktail flavour with biscuity notes and hints of lavender and earthy OG kush coming through on the exhale.

The tempting tastes and smells of Cookies strains are caused by an evocative mix of terpenes, primarily limonene and myrcene. Mochi dominant terpenes also include linalool, beta-caryophyllene and a host of other lesser terps like geraniol and bisabolol. This has resulted in the recognizable doughy qualities of the Cookies lineage, but with a sweet, floral touch that’s completely unique to this Japanese-inspired candy strain.

Mochi Strain Effects

Although an indica dominant cultivar with a strong physical impact, Mochi effects won’t send you off to sleep straight away. For the first hour or so, consumers are more likely to encounter feelings of unbridled bliss, fits of laughter, and an insatiable hunger for snacks and sweet treats. This exuberant sativa-like experience soon shifts from the mind and into the body. Users will remain clear-headed but also feel intensely relaxed and stress-free. Eventually, sedative effects will arrive, and most will find it hard to resist their warm and cosy influence.

A little like the sticky rice cakes it’s named after, Mochi will leave you immensely satisfied but also glued to the sofa if you decide to overindulge. We recommended saving this delicacy for after dinner or the later hours of the day when its strong indica influence can be properly savoured. If grown under optimum conditions, Mochi THC content has the potential to reach anything from 21-29%, classifying it as an incredibly potent strain and unsuitable for those of a lower tolerance.

Mochi Strain Medical Benefits

Mochi medical seeds won’t fill your belly like their namesake, but the plants they produce can help combat eating disorders and a loss of appetite. When smoked or consumed as edibles, many cannabis strains can trigger an intense hunger response – a phenomenon commonly known as the munchies. It’s thought that this physiological change is caused by THC forcing the body to release ghrelin – a chemical that controls our desire for food. Mochi’s high THC levels are further enhanced by myrcene, which is known to combat nausea.

Marijuana is also renowned for its sleep-inducing effects, and myrcene-rich indica strains like Mochi are particularly powerful in this regard. Mochi medical benefits can help combat many different sleep-disruptive disorders such as insomnia, parasomnia, and even RLS. The sedative side of this high THC strain arises as a result of its rich cannabinoid content as well as the influence of terpenes like myrcene and linalool.

How to Grow Mochi Strain

This phenotype was previously clone-only and has only recently been made available for general purchase, meaning growers may have to rely on a little experience and intuition when growing Mochi marijuana seeds. Like many Cookies strains, it isn’t the easiest plant to rear and will require plenty of maintenance throughout the growth cycle. Although suitable for outdoor growth, its short, stocky indica stature makes it ideal for smaller indoor setups. It also adapts readily to SCROG, SOG, and LST, which are all excellent methods for increasing Mochi yields from average to impressive.

The Mochi marijuana plant is one of the most colourful we’ve ever come across. Shades of purple, jade and even bright red lend their resinous indica buds plenty of character and a tutti-frutti quality that compliments their taste and smell. Mochi flowering time is around eight-nine weeks, and outdoor growers can expect to harvest around late September or early October.

With such a well-rounded terpene profile, it’ll come as no surprise that this pheno is a great candidate for making rosin, bubble hash, and other cannabis extracts. There are plenty of ways growers can encourage their plants to produce more trichomes – such as removing fan leaves or reducing nighttime temperatures – and we recommend experimenting with some of these if you’re aiming for higher terpene levels.