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Pineapple Kush x Golden Goat

by Guru Fire

Do you like Pina Coladas and getting caught in a tropical storm of refreshing psychoactive effects? If so, Golden Pineapples – a tantalising cannabis hybrid from Guru Fire – might be just the escape you’ve been looking for…

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Golden Pineapples Genetic Profile

There are many different fruity flavoured releases available from the Guru Fire seed bank, but if you’re a breeder who’s looking for a taste of the exotic, Golden Pineapple marijuana seeds are your ticket to a tropical paradise. Originally created by Phat Panda, Golden Pineapple lineage was selected with flavour in mind. Made from an incredible mix of Pineapple Kush and Golden Goat – a Hawaiian–Romulan with Island Sweet super blend – it offers sweet and juicy pineapple flavours and boasts a balanced psychoactive profile that features indica and sativa influences.

Like an island vacation in cannabis form, this hybrid strain’s relaxing effects and delicious flavour run rings around those of the average cannabis strain. These seeds are also feminized, meaning they’re much easier to grow than an actual pineapple plant. For fruit flavours, even the Man from Delmonte would approve, try Golden Pineapple from Guru Fire.

Golden Pineapples Strain Terpene Profile

Golden Pineapples flavour is the embodiment of its namesake fruit. It has an exceedingly sweet pineapple smell that gets even stronger closer to harvest time, so odour control methods are recommended when growing this plant. Growers may also notice undertones of skunk and other citrus aromas once it’s in full flower. When smoked, this strain is equally delicious and offers a mouthwatering fusion of tropical fruit flavours and spicey OG Kush notes that your tastebuds won’t forget.

Limonene is usually responsible for the tropical flavours found in cannabis plants like the famous Pineapple Express, and though it is present within this strain, it’s not Golden Pineapples dominant terpene. This pheno is particularly rich in terpinolene – a terpene that’s also found in apples and nutmeg – and also possesses high levels of myrcene and caryophyllene. Terpinolene also helps to amplify this strain’s more relaxing effects.

Golden Pineapples Strain Effects

Golden Pineapples is a well-balanced hybrid allrounder. This strain walks a fine line between sativa and indica dominant with effects that’ll keep you peppy and inspired at first and comfortably relaxed as time wears on. Its energizing approach can help inspire creative thought, and though it may give you dry eyes or dry mouth, it won’t make you feel tired or too high-strung, making it an excellent marijuana strain for daytime consumption and sharing amongst friends.

Golden Pineapples effects are punchy, euphoric and highly potent. Therefore, those with a low tolerance may want to opt for an alternative tropical treat. Despite its high THC levels, its impact is usually gentle enough for most users to handle. Lab tests have shown Golden Pineapples THC level can reach an impressive 29%, though this could be increased even further through various growth techniques designed to boost the potency of the cannabis plant.

Golden Pineapples Strain Medical Benefits

When we mention the refreshing qualities of this strain, we’re not only talking about its sweet and tasty flavour. Cannabis grown from Golden Pineapples seeds is highly suitable for fighting fatigue. Its uplifting effects are incredibly stimulating for both body and mind, so if you’re in a funk or struggling to make it through the day, get some pep in your step with this tangy THC-rich plant.

Social anxiety and chronic stress are two other common problems that can easily ruin your day. When faced with busy situations and crowds, many people tense up, get tongue-tied or suffer from other sometimes debilitating physical effects. Cannabis grown from Golden Pineapples medical seeds can push many of these problems to the back of your mind, at least temporarily, and help users with these sorts of mental health conditions feel more comfortable when interacting with others.

How to Grow Golden Pineapples Strain

Whether a long time commercial farming or this is your first time attempt, growing Golden Pineapple marijuana seeds is as easy as 123. Known as one of the more forgiving Pineapple strains, these plants are highly resistant to mould and mildew, study, and acclimate best in a warm and temperate climate when reared outside. Indoors, we recommended hydroponic growth and using nutrient-rich potting soil to get the best result. It also adapts readily to SCROG or SOG, but in small setups such as these, carbon filters will definitely be required to tackle its pungent pineapple tang.

Golden Pineapples cannabis seeds flowering time is a quickfire 8-9 weeks from germination, and growers can expect these feminised seeds to produced chunky, purple-licked plants that are covered in crystal gorgeous golden hairs. Its vibrant, neon green nugs look similar to strains like Jack Herer but a little less dense owing to their hybridized genetics. This plant is also a decent producer, and with a little preparation and a lot of luck, growers can expect Golden Pineapples yields to reach 400g per square meter indoors or 300g per plant outside.