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Skunk Kush x Afghani #1 x Hindu Kush

by Guru Fire

Two times the Kush equals two times the fun with Double Kush Cake – a powerfully relaxing three-way indica-dominant cross from Guru Fire that also features landrace genes for extra easy home growth.

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Double Kush Cake Genetic Profile

Originally cooked up as part of a Sensi Seeds research project back in 2001, Double Kush Cake cannabis seeds lineage was purposefully designed so that growers everywhere can benefit from the US Kush experience. Pairing two top-tier Kush plants with an Afghan landrace strain, this multilayered mashup from the Guru Fire seed bank stands in faithful tribute to the Kush dynasty, condensing the flavours, simple growth, and psychoactive quality of the fan-favourite marijuana family into a single spectacular specimen.

This masterful blend of Skunk Kush, Afghani #1, and Hindu Kush won’t disappoint if you’re crazy for OG Kush plants. Although autoflowering versions of the phenotype are available for even faster cultivation, these feminised seeds are still easy to grow for breeders of all abilities.

Double Kush Cake Strain Terpene Profile

As one might expect, Double Kush Cake flavour profile is dominated by the strong earthy notes that define the Kush line. Sweet and sour scents undercut a hashy aroma of cedar and pine, and an eye-stinging pungency quality passed down from its Skunk Kush parent. These pungent smells may cause problems if seeking a discreet grow but can be countered with carbon filtration or other odour-reducing mechanisms. When inhaled, this melange of skunk and hash is met with additional exotic and herbaceous accents, offering a rich, terpenic twist on the original Kush flavour.

Kush strains are usually characterised by a high humulene and caryophyllene content, but as this variety also boasts prominent Skunk genetics, it’s also rich in limonene. Double Kush Cake abundant terpenes also include alpha-pinene, which has prominent anti-anxiety properties and can help combat short term memory impairment – a common side-effect of THC.

Double Kush Cake Strain Effects

Double Kush Cake effects are intensely relaxing and typical of a powerful Kush strain. An excellent choice for calming your nerves after a stressful day, it provides a mixture of soothing physical relief, cerebral euphoria, and a slight sativa-like psychedelic lift to make the experience sparkle. You’ll only need a small slice to feel the full effects of this decadent strain, but despite a high THC/low CBD content, its gentle, long-lasting indica buzz can be enjoyed by users of a range of tolerances.

Double Kush Cake THC level is moderate to high, usually topping out at 19%. As such, its light and airy psychoactive approach is highly suitable for users with a lower tolerance. However, it’s still highly (forgive the pun) satisfying for more experienced smokers and can even cause couchlock in higher doses.

Double Kush Cake Strain Medical Benefits

With its high levels of calming limonene and caryophyllene, Double Kush Cake is the ultimate stress reliever. Some studies suggest that strains with moderate or low THC levels are better suited to reducing stress hormones than higher THC strains, which can actually increase anxiety. As cannabis grown from Double Kush Cake medical seeds is medium strength on average, has a strong indica dominance, and is also rich in alpha-pinene – a chemical known to lessen the anxiety-inducing effects of THC – this puts it in an excellent position to help patients manage their stress levels more effectively.

Kush strains are famed for their pain-killing potential and are used by medical marijuana patients around the world to treat everything from digestive discomfort to fibromyalgia. When it comes to pain relief, Double Kush Cake medical benefits are especially suitable for muscular conditions and chronic disorders like arthritis. As a powerful anti-inflammatory with a soothing effect upon the body, this Hindu Kush x Skunk Kush x Afghani mashup can provide effective and long-lasting relief from sore muscles, swollen joints and even sports injuries.

How to Grow Double Kush Cake Strain

Thanks to hardy landrace genes passed down from its pure indica parent, this strain is built to withstand the elements and adapts readily to most environments. Growing Double Kush Cake feminized marijuana seeds indoors or outside are both viable options, and even first-time cannabis cultivators should be able to achieve successful results.

Dense and well-branched, with woody stems and short internodes, the pheno’s compact structure is an excellent candidate for super cropping methods like SCROG, SOG, and lollipopping. These techniques – which involve moulding and training a plant’s structure – are usually implemented at the vegetative stage and are used to limit plant height while maximising light exposure. The result is often bigger harvests, which, considering the quality and robustness of this strain, make the option especially inviting.

Even without these extra measures, growers can still expect Double Kush Cake yields to average at around 500g per m2 in an indoor grow tent and up to over 600g per plant if cultivated in open ground. It’s also a highly resinous plant with compact, plus-sized green and orange buds that form in a large central cola. Though its sticky resin and smoky Kush flavours might be perfect for making bubble hash and rosin, be warned – your grow space may get a little funky once this pheno enters its flowering period. Double Kush Cake flowering time is around eight weeks from germination or around early October for outdoor growers, so make sure you’re ready for when that oppressive OG scent sets in!