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Kimbo Kush x Blackberry Kush

by Guru Fire

One of the most potent strains in our Guru Fire range, Citrus Berry cannabis seeds, are a fruity explosion for the senses. A deep terpene profile and rich genetics make this indica dominant hybrid a high THC level treat for even the pickiest of cannaisseurs!

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Citrus Berry Strain Genetics

OG Kush runs deep in the heritage of Citrus Berry marijuana seeds. An ancestor of both parents, the classic strain’s traits are apparent throughout, but they’ve been mixed with some turbocharged strains to create a much more potent experience!

Kimbo Kush, named for the late, great Caribbean MMA artist, packs a punch its namesake would be proud of – and has passed those powerful effects down to Citrus Berry, as well as Blackberry Kush’s forest fruit flavour.

This is added to further by Orange Valley OG, which, as well as the Citrus part of the name, provides the mood-enhancing, uplifting high of its Agent Orange and SFV OG parents to this Citrus Berry cannabis strain.

Citrus Berry Strain Terpene Profile

The earthy, almost skunk-like taste and aromas of OG Kush undercuts both the inhale, and the exhale of this Kimbo Kush x Orange Valley OG thanks to the dominant terpene, myrcene. However, that’s just the beginning of the story here. The fruity overtones, especially on inhale, bring a combination of tangy citrus orange and sweet blackberries. On the exhale, a spicy earth tingle is present on the lips, as well as a slightly more floral, forest-fresh aroma.

These additions are thanks to the other abundant terps present in this cannabis strain, limonene, caryophyllene, terpinolene, and pinene.

Citrus Berry Strain Effects

The buzz of Citrus this Berry marijuana strain is powerful but also slow-burning, so you won’t be floored straight away. Instead, the effects start with an uplifting, borderline euphoric head high, with creative juices likely to get flowing in a hurry. This is then followed up by a full-body stone that will make your sofa feel like the most comfortable place you’ve ever been!

An evening or nighttime choice depending on your tolerance levels, this hybrid strain provides a helping hand for chilling down after work or for preparing yourself for a night of dream-filled sleep.

Citrus Berry Strain Medical Benefits

The high THC content (typically around 20%) of Citrus Berry, combined with the relaxing effects of terps like limonene and pinene, make this a great potential choice for those living with insomnia. In addition, the relief of stress in the run-up to bedtime, combined with the sedative effects of the THC, should aid in falling asleep, as well as reduce occurrences of waking up in the night.

Additionally, the cannabinoid and terpenes may provide relief for symptoms of pain. The parent strains are both popular choices for those with chronic pain conditions, and it’s likely that these medical marijuana genetics have been passed down to Citrus Berry, too.

How to Grow Citrus Berry Strain Seeds

A hefty yield of high potency buds is the dream for any grower, and it’s precisely what you’ll get from these high-quality Citrus Berry cannabis seeds. For indoor growers, eight weeks from germination could be all that’s necessary to produce a veritable forest of pinecone shaped, orange and purple-tinted buds.

For outdoor and greenhouse gardeners, the wait is, of course, a little longer. Expect a mid-October harvest time from these mostly indica feminized seeds, with a considerable yield of trichome covered nugs that carry strong lemon berry scents.