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Orange Valley OF x Mint Chocolate Chip

by Guru Fire

Fully loaded with a fruity chocolate factory flavour and especially suitable for the sleep-deprived, Chocolate Orange is a deliciously smooth indica-dominant cross from the Guru Fire seedbank that’ll make you feel like Christmas has come decidedly early.

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Chocolate Oranges Strain Genetic Profile

Sometimes strain pairing is an unpredictable process, but when creating Chocolate Oranges lineage, the folks at the Guru Fire seed company knew exactly what they were doing. Born from a marriage of Orange Valley OF and Mint Chocolate Chip, this delicious phenotype fully lives up to its name with an incomparable cocoa-laced fruit flavour that chocoholic cannabis fans won’t be able to resist. Its indica lineage and impressive THC content have also produced a plant with pronounced physical and sedative properties making it a potent choice for medical users as a relaxant and sleep aid.

Though not yet available as feminised or autoflowering seeds, these fuss-free seeds can be grown easily by almost anybody, including first-time cultivators. Everybody knows oranges and chocolate make the perfect pairing and, thanks to its carefully chosen genetic profile, this indica-dominant strain – now available from MGS as regular seeds – offers a unique psychoactive spin on these contrasting candy flavours.

Chocolate Oranges Strain Terpene Profile

There’s something about the classic combination of oranges and chocolate that’s both nostalgic and exhilarating. Just like the world-famous candy of the same name, rich, milky chocolate and spicy-sweet orange flavours are what define this cannabis strain’s alluring flavour profile. Chocolate Oranges aroma combines similar creamy, fruity flavours with the sour lemon skunk tang and earthy accents of an OG Kush plant – a callback to its prize-winning parentage.

Orange oil, which gives orange-flavoured chocolate products their fruity flavour, is comprised of around 90% limonene. It’s unsurprising that this strain shares a similar relationship with this tangy monoterpene. Chocolate Oranges abundant terpenes also include beta-caryophyllene, humulene, and myrcene – a classic terpenic mix that defines most Kush cultivars.

Chocolate Oranges Strain Effects

Like its silky sweet flavour, Chocolate Oranges effects are wickedly indulgent, if not a little deceptive. While opening with an intense euphoric jumpstart that’ll make you feel surprisingly energised and motivated, these sativa-like effects soon dissipate and are replaced with full-bodied relaxation to bring you down to couch level. The perfect way to unwind after a stressful day, feel your tensions melt away like a real chocolate orange left out in the sun as your mind drifts into unfocused, worry-free thought.

Chocolate Oranges THC level is around the 21-25% mark. Don’t be surprised if you find it difficult to unstick yourself from the comfort of your sofa for several hours while under its influence because this strain ranks incredibly high on the couchlock scale. Though you might feel energised at first, its sedative effects can kick in abruptly, so save this sleep-inducing treat for nighttime use only.

Chocolate Oranges Strain Medical Benefits

Greenfingered patients with insomnia should definitely try growing Chocolate Oranges medical seeds. Hiding behind this strain’s invigorating effects is a strong sedating influence that makes for excellent pre-bedtime medicine if you have problems drifting off at night. Offering a natural and better-tasting alternative to prescription medication, Chocolate Oranges can really help to get your sleeping patterns in order if you’re sleep-deprived and struggling.

Some experience stress more than others. Even a small amount can have a damaging effect on the mind and body, but for chronic sufferers and those with intense or demanding schedules, it can be a real killer. Chocolate Oranges medical benefits are highly suitable for those with stress. It has a calming effect on the nervous system, relaxing the body while simultaneously clearing the mind of worry, making it an excellent choice for winding down at the weekend or whenever your schedule’s free.

How to Grow Chocolate Oranges Strain

Growers won’t be disappointed with Chocolate Oranges yields as this tangy variety is renowned as a heavy producer. Expect plenty of small, rounded forest green nugs with wispy amber hairs and heavy trichome coverage from this hardy indica plant. Suitable for indoor or outdoor growth and highly adaptable to SCROG and SOG setups, we recommend staking this strain during flowering for extra support as it’s a topheavy cultivar that can easily topple once fully burdened.

Thanks to hardy indica genetics, growing Chocolate Oranges cannabis seeds is easy for growers of all abilities and much simpler to cultivate than phenos with a similar OG Kush heritage. Its short stature also makes it an excellent choice for smaller grow rooms and greenhouses, though its pungent smell may become more of a problem when growing in a confined space.

If you’re looking for a more discreet grow, consider investing in odour elimination methods like carbon filtration. Chocolate Oranges flowering time is relatively short for a regular strain and within eight-nine weeks these plants will begin to reach maturity, meaning delicious, chocolatey indica weed is just a few weeks away!