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Girl Scout Cookies x Blueberry

by Guru Fire

Blueberry Cookie is an indica dominant hybrid cannabis strain with a high THC level from our seed bank’s own Guru Fire range. A taste of baked goods (and a good baked feeling) can be expected from this sublime, fruity cannabis!

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Blueberry Cookie Strain Genetics

Blueberry Cookie cannabis seeds are the child of two absolutely legendary Cannabis Cup winning marijuana strains. The headliner here is Girl Scout Cookies, with those GSC, Afghani, and OG Kush genetics running deep in both the sweet and tangy flavours, and the muscle-relaxing effects.

From the other parent – the mouth watering Blueberry – comes a purple hue to the leaves that is impressive even for a Cookies strain. Additionally, that classic Thai flavour is present here, along with a classic, uplifting buzz that balances out the heavy body buzz of the high THC content (around 18- 20%).

Blueberry Cookie Strain Terpene Profile

With two parents that boast classic genetic backgrounds, you can expect some old school flavours and aromas here, but with enough new sensations for Blueberry Cookie to not just feel like a tribute to its family tree. The dominant taste is that of freshly baked blueberry cookies, as you’d expect with more than a little hint of citrus fruits thrown in for good measure.

The inhale is where the sweet and fruity comes, but the exhale offers a different experience. A herbal, skunk-ish vibe undercut with a spicy tingle on the lips. This intriguing flavour profile is thanks to the abundant terpenes in this Blueberry Cookie strain, limonene, myrcene, and caryophyllene.

Blueberry Cookie Strain Effects

Expect a big buzz from this potent Blueberry x GSC strain, with a hefty dose of muscle relaxation and a dizzying head high. The Blueberry in the heritage does a bit to soften these effects, however, bringing a euphoric sensation that will put a smile on your face for the entirety of the long-lasting buzz.

An after-dinner option if there ever was one, we highly recommend indulging in this Blueberry Cookie beauty when you have finished all the tasks you have for the day. This gives you the opportunity to kick back and really enjoy the sedative effects, ensuring you are truly relaxed by the time a deep sleep takes you over.

Blueberry Cookie Strain Medical Benefits

GSC is well known for its potential anti-stress properties, and those medical marijuana genetics are living large in Blueberry Cookie, too. The cannabinoid and terpene mix may provide a near-instant relief for the effects of long-term stress conditions, as well as washing away the effects of a difficult day.

Additionally, the high THC levels, along with caryophyllene and other terps, may aid in relieving joint and muscle pain related to arthritis and other chronic pain medical conditions, alleviating the severity of pain, and possibly cutting down the longevity of symptoms, as well.

How to Grow Blueberry Cookie Strain Seeds

The size of the plants that grow from these Blueberry Cookie feminized seeds may not create a huge amount of optimism for the yield, but prepare to be very surprised when you grow your own! Dense, heavy buds that fill up the compact plants promise an indoor yield of up to 500gr/m2 while an outdoor harvest can produce as much as 900gr per plant!

Not too much trimming is necessary here, even outdoors where plants can reach up to 3 meters in some cases. In fact, we’d advise keeping as many of the leaves as possible, as a heavy coat of crystal trichomes works great for resin extraction. After eight or nine weeks from germination indoors, or by late September for outdoor growers, a beautiful harvest of purple-tinged, trichome-coated buds that smell strongly of blueberries will be ready to go!