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F1 Durba x Florida OG

by Guru Fire

For fast-acting, indica-dominant effects that hit more like those of a heavyweight sativa, and one of the most curious colour palettes in the business, why not take a bite out of Blue Cookie – a limited edition Guru Fire offering that delivers beautiful berry-flavoured Girl Scout Cookies cross.

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Blue Cookies Strain Genetic Profile

There is some debate about the true nature of Blue Cookies feminized lineage. While most breeders believe this potent indica-dominant hybrid to be the progeny of GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) and Blueberry, some attest that it’s actually an OG Kush mix of F1 Durb and Florida OG. Whatever the case, consumers are guaranteed a terpene-rich experience and cerebrally-enhanced couchlocking effects from this homebaked hybrid from the Guru Fire limited collection.

Ideal for indoor growers and terp-fiends hungry for the freshest fruit aromas, it’s also one of the prettiest cannabis cultivars you’re ever likely to come across, with shades of purple and blue running through its fat and fragrant buds. Blue Cookies marijuana seeds are now available from MGS as feminized seeds and their stable growth and super strong effects are sure to satisfy even the fussiest of cannasseur.

Blue Cookies Strain Terpene Profile

Blue Cookies aroma profile takes the warming, syrupy smell of oven-fresh biscuits and smashes it together with the sweet allure of ripe fruity cherry, blueberries, and forest fruit. Its taste evokes a similar sweet-tart tang, with spicy Afghani notes of cinnamon and clove sneaking in amid the fruit and fresh-baked flavours, lending its smoke a sumptuous autumnal quality. A delectable doughy treat for all the senses, this strain’s comforting flavour makes a fantastic addition to those drawn-out colder months of the year.

Blue Cookies dominant terpenes are beta-caryophyllene and myrcene. Although no one really knows which combination or concentration of chemicals results in the uncanny cookies smells that some cannabis strains exude, it’s thought that these, along with a complex combination of secondary and tertiary terps like limonene, humulene and linalool, are the main culprits. These two primary terpenes also amplify this strain’s more indica-typical medical qualities, making it an excellent sedative and anti-inflammatory aid.

Blue Cookies Strain Effects

Keep this misleading sweet treat locked up for late nights and far away from your lesser-experienced cannabis consuming friends because Blue Cookies effects are long-lasting and knockout level. Initially, it kicks off like a sativa strain, with a euphoric head rush. This powerful mental rush soon resides into a tingly physical sensation that works its way throughout the body, leaving you couch-strewn and carefree for the rest of the high. Watch out for the sedative effects of Blue Cookies if you’re of a sleepy disposition because, after a few bites of Blue Cookie, even insomniacs will struggle to stay awake.

The intense effects users will experience from this marijuana strain come courtesy of its supersized cannabinoid content. Blue Cookie THC levels average at around 26%, which is on the higher end of the strength scale. As such, both its sedative and cerebral effects are intense so new consumers are advised to tread carefully.

Blue Cookie Strain Medical Benefits

Blue Cookies medical seeds are a great option for medical marijuana growers with neuropathic or chronic pain disorders. While not quite a smokeable anaesthetic, its analgesic properties are incredibly effective thanks to a high THC content, low CBD level, and complementary terpene profile. Promoting a pain-free mindset and actively blocking pain pathways between the brain and body, its doubly effective approach can offer some relief, particularly if your condition worsens in the later hours of the day.

Some say a warm glass of milk is the ultimate cure for a sleepless night but patients suffering from insomnia will be quick to tell you the reality of the situation. Cookies and milk go hand in hand, and with this custom-bred variety – which boasts a potent sedative kick – even those with long-term sleep disruptive disorders might find the solution to their problems. If you’re one of the unfortunate few who fear the call of bedtime, Blue Cookies medical benefits can make falling asleep much more manageable, allowing you to wake up the next day feeling rested and refreshed.

How to Grow Blue Cookies Strain

Producing chunky, trichome covered buds with purple and blue shades running through them, this strain really lives up to its name and won’t disappoint if you’re big on bag appeal. As with many superior cannabis strains, growing Blue Cookies feminized marijuana seeds can be a fun and rewarding experience for seasoned cultivators but may be a little tricker if you’re unaccustomed to rearing more capricious cultivars.

Ideally, this plant should be grown indoors but it’ll also thrive in a warm outdoor climate if the temperature stays around 70-74 degrees and humidity levels are decent. Its short stature and bushy indica growth pattern mean that although this Girl Scout Cookies x Blueberry pheno easily acclimates to smaller greenhouses and SCROG setups, it will need regular maintenance to allow light to reach the lower parts of the plant.

Blue Cookies cannabis seeds flowering time is around nine-ten weeks from germination, which is about average for a feminized variety. As this is arguably the most important part of the plant’s growth cycle, staking or some other means of extra support will be required to ensure your plants don’t topple or collapse under their own weight. We also recommend trying out LST techniques or fertilizers designed for terpene enhancement if you’re thinking of using this plant to create cannabis concentrates. When adequate care is taken, Blue Cookies yields have the potential to reach record levels come harvest time, so it’s worth taking a little extra time with this one.