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Banana Kush x Sunset Sherbet

by Guru Fire

These indica-dominant hybrid Banana Sherbert cannabis seeds come courtesy of our very own Guru Fire range. Delivering a potent buzz and uplifting sensations these durable feminised seeds ensure otherworldly scents of ripe bananas.

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Banana Sherbert Strain Genetics

The name Banana Sherbert doesn’t only give you a strong clue as to what the aromas and flavours are going to be, it also points a firm finger to the Cannabis Cup winners in the heritage of these marijuana seeds. The strong but not quite overpowering tones come via Banana Kush, a famously high yielding strain that brings with it a mellow and creative buzz.

That is perfectly complemented by the uplifting euphoria that comes from Sunset Sherbet, the other parent of this cannabis strain and one of GSC’s favourite children. Sweet, baked good tones provide the perfect undertone while adding to the grower-friendly traits of this hybrid strain.

Banana Sherbert Strain Terpene Profile

A family tree boasting Cannabis Cup winning strains ensures a classic and explosive flavour profile with the stunning Guru Fire Banana Sherbert. As you might expect, banana is the dominant flavour here, but not the only fruit you’ll notice, with sour, citrus vibes also present, especially on the exhale. The sweet yet sour tones are a treat for the tastebuds. The exhale brings with it a classic, skunk-like flavour, herbal and beautiful, reminiscent of the strain’s great granddaddy, OG Kush.

This myriad of scintillating flavours and aromas comes from the abundant terpenes, headlined by the citrus-heavy limonene, with the peppery spice of caryophyllene and the earthy myrcene playing strong supporting roles.

Banana Sherbert Strain Effects

If you’re looking for a cannabis strain that gets the creative juices flowing without a high risk of couchlock, then look no further! While a heavy dose of full-body relaxation comes as standard with Banana Sherbert, it isn’t enough to knock you off your fewer. A euphoric, happy sensation takes centre stage with a dose of creativity thrown in too.

A popular choice with artistic types looking for that helping hand when it comes to inspiration, this is an excellent choice of daytime strain if you have a full schedule of drawing or writing in front of you. It’s not a bad choice at night either, supporting sleepiness once you start to get tired.

Banana Sherbert Strain Medical Benefits

The main potential medical marijuana benefit reported by fans of Banana Sherbert (of which there are many) is assistance with pain relief. This strain may help with short-term issues, as well as alleviating the severity of symptoms related to chronic pain conditions, including fibromyalgia, migraines, and arthritis.

The genetics of GSC also do their work here, providing potential anxiety-relieving qualities thanks to the blend of terps like limonene and myrcene, along with the high levels (above 20%) of THC that are present in this strain.

How to Grow Banana Sherbert Strain Seeds

Expect robust, durable plants to grow from these feminized seeds (autoflowering and regular seeds not currently available). Growing to medium size, a little pruning will be necessary for indoor growers, who can expect an impressive yield of up to 700gr/m2 with a fast flowering time as little as eight weeks from germination. These high yields are also present for outdoor growers, with 750gr per plant the average outdoor harvest you can expect around early October.

Banana Sherbet cannabis can handle the elements outdoors and also grow very well in a greenhouse. Indoors, SOG, and SCROG methods should both be effective, it’s the growers choice. Either way, when the plants are ready, they will be coated with large, long, trichome covered buds with a colourful array of orange pistils. That banana smell will greet you long before its time to harvest, preparing you for the absolute treat that awaits.