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Martian Mean Green x White Widow

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White Widow is a cannabis strain with many children, but this extra-terrestrial is out of this world! Available as feminised seeds, White Alien is a sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana strain from the popular seeds company DNA Genetics which combines the genetics of two outrageously popular strains (White Widow and Martian Mean Green) to make something truly extraordinary.

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White Alien Strain Genetics

White Alien is the proud offspring of a multi-time cannabis cup winner, a legend in seeds banks across the globe, White Widow (providing the ‘White’ part) and one of DNA Genetics’ most impressive creations, Martian Mean Green (providing the ‘Alien part). With those parents, you’d expect some sexy looking, trichome covered, resinous and colourful buds to grow from these feminized seeds, and boy is that what you get here!

Taking the influence of its mother strains and using them in a way that’ll make both parents proud, White Alien is a chip off the old block, while also being a unique and tantalising cannabis strain.

White Alien Terpene Strain Profile

With a classic like White Widow in the genetic profile of White Alien, you’d be expecting a classic flavour, and you won’t be disappointed, with myrcene, the herbal terpene, providing a dose of nostalgia on the inhale.

That isn’t all though, this baby kicks thanks to the presence of caryophyllene, adding a touch of spice that’ll make sure your tongue remembers this DNA Genetics strain for a while after exhale. Also present here is pinene, a terpene that provides what its name suggests, a scent of earthy, pine that provides a refreshing boost to the air around you, and aids in the frankly perfect combination of aromas and tastes that White Alien provides.

White Alien Strain Effects

White Alien from DNA Genetics is a sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain with cerebral effects that are so uplifting you might make it to another galaxy!. Feelings of utter euphoria combined with a real sense of chill provide this balanced hybrid with multi-layered effects.

Taking after the cup winners in its genetics, the effects of this sativa dominant strain are long-lasting, which is a definite bonus, because you won’t want this feeling to end!

Despite causing such a peaceful sensation, the presence of pinene ensures alertness is maintained, so when those aliens do come and visit, you’ll be ready to chat! An similarly to its Mean Green parent, White Alien is an excellent DNA Genetics strain for the evening to get you out of work mode or just before bed. 

White Alien Medical Benefits

Medical marijuana potential is rife here, thanks to the relatively high THC content (up near 20%) and terpene profile. Pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties could provide benefits for those with arthritic-type conditions, with the caryophyllene and THC present in White Alien both believed to relieve pain and inflammation.

Myrcene can enhance the effects of other terpenes, which means the anti-anxiety medical marijuana potential of pinene could be increased by the presence of this terpene, potentially aiding in getting to sleep, even in those with insomnia.

How to Grow White Alien Strain

With a fast flowering time (around eight weeks) and a high yield (around 600g/m2), White Alien cannabis seeds are best suited to indoor growers, with outdoor gardeners likely to struggle to yield much success. Instead, White Alien feminised seeds grow easily indoors, needing very little work from a growers perspective,  just occasional light changes, and the odd trim if the leaves get out of control.

A delightful aroma of peppery pine will emanate from your grow room around eight weeks after planting this marijuana seed, indicating that the resinous buds of your White Alien, a surefire future cannabis cup winner, are ready for harvesting.