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Great White Shark x Lamb’s Bread

by Grow Your Own

You’d think that a strain named “Sharksbreath” would smell bad and do awful things to your body and mind. Turns out it’s the exact opposite. Let’s take a dive into the shark’s gullet and find out more.

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Sharksbreath Genetics

Other than its name, its ancestry is equally strange. No other combination of the sativa-dominant hybrid ‘Great White Shark’ and the Jamaican sativa phenotype ‘Lamb’s Bread’ has ever been produced, as far as we know. This phenomenal strain is now available through DNA Genetics Grow Your Own Collection.

Sharksbreath Effects

Even though the genetic makeup of Sharksbreath is stated as 80/20 indica-dominant, the overabundance of sativa genetics take centre stage in the effects of this strain. What follows is an active and focused high that feels like a ‘wake ‘n’ bake’ strain. This feeling is short-lived though. As the cerebral high progresses, it makes a 180 and transforms into an honest to goodness indica heady fog with ditto physical laziness.

Sharksbreath Terpene Profile

No dead and half decomposed fish smell here. Sharksbreath’s aroma is super sweet, almost that of candy. The strong, citrus flavour and aroma will lift your eyebrows and put a smile on your face.

Medical Benefits Sharksbreath

Due to the progression of the high, Sharksbreath will do wonders for those who are struggling with anxiety, stress or depression. Beyond that, it will help ease pain and tension in the body and will aid you in working up a healthy appetite, while you get ready to take a good long nap.

How to Grow Sharksbreath

Sharksbreath is attractive for growers because of its indica genetics, which makes it flower reasonably fast, yields respectable harvests and retains a manageable size. It’s more suited for indoor cultivation unless you live in a warm and dry region of the world. It loves nutrients, so you’ll need to feed its big, open gullet regularly.