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Thai Stick x Afghani x Columbian Gold

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Bringing back old school skunky flavours that have become a rarity in recent times, R.K.S. is a pungent sativa leaning hybrid from the strain hunters at the D.N.A. Genetics seeds co. Blending three legendary landrace varieties into a single lip-smacking, high THC strain, RKS feminised seeds are both easy to grow, and high yielding.

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R.K.S. Strain Genetics

Born from three historic marijuana seeds, each with their own formidable characteristics, RKS feminized seeds mark the culmination of a global landrace breeding project and a consolidated effort by D.N.A. Genetics to recapture the sensory impact of a classic skunk strain.

Combining indica powerhouse Afghani, tropical favourite Thai Stick and Columbian Gold strain types, this advanced seed from DNA Genetics – Grow Your Own collection gets its powerful pungency and nostalgic flavour from the latter – the South American parent plant of the indomitable and multi-time cup winner, Skunk #1. Meanwhile, Thai – another prevailing superstar in seeds banks across the globe – lends its pure sativa hit to these female seeds, offering a heady cerebral punch that acts as the perfect counterpoint to Afghani’s dominating physical impact.  

R.K.S. Strain Terpene Profile

Named for its overpowering aroma, R.K.S. (aka Road Kill Skunk) is a particularly aromatic feminised cannabis strain with an intense skunky smell that’s sure to make heads turn and eyes water.

The plant’s diverse terpene profile, formed of a complex array of linalool, myrcene, and humulene terpenes, has resulted in a certain piquancy that’s reminiscent of the Skunk strains of yesteryear; a potent a mixture of heady Kush flavours that are highly prized within the cannabis community. Acidic notes of lemon and lime, gained from limonene, further round out the flavour profile of this tangy marijuana hybrid. 

R.K.S. Strain Effects

Owing to its unique triple heritage, resulting in an evenly balanced sativa to indica ratio, R.K.S. female cannabis seeds combine a range of effects, both physical and cerebral into a single multipurpose marijuana strain.

This hybrid sativa seed’s heady impact can be particularly intoxicating and, as such, R.K.S. is recommended for experienced users only, as the racing state of meditative stimulation it induces can be profuse and noticeably long-lasting. Strong indica genetics gained from Afghani have also lent this powerful high in THC strain (18-20%) appetite-stimulating properties and an uplifting body buzz that acts as a welcome counterbalance to its euphoric intensity.

R.K.S. Strain Medical Benefits

The mentally stimulating effects of R.K.S. feminized cannabis seeds offer a wide variety of health benefits for the discerning medical marijuana user. While linalool is known for its calming qualities, limonene terpenes can alter mood and help to curb anxiety; creating a dual effect in R.K.S. that can work wonders in treating certain social disorders.

Several cannabinoids are known to trigger the release of ghrelin – the hormone responsible for hunger – in the human body, with high T.H.C. cannabis strain types and those rich in myrcene proving especially useful for combating nausea and arousing appetite. As such, RKS feminized may offer therapeutic benefits to those dealing with the adverse effects of chemotherapy or eating disorders such as bulimia or anorexia nervosa. 

How to Grow R.K.S. Seeds

With sativa-typical characteristics, R.K.S. feminised cannabis seeds from D.N.A. Genetics are extremely easy to grow, producing luscious, cannabis plants that will thrive in most environments. Commercial cultivators will be especially delighted with the high calyx to leaf ratio, fast flowering time, and monstrous turnovers offered by this heavy-yielding marijuana strain and, while fungi-prone, with minor preventative measures, growers can expect a reliable crop of branch-breaking, super-sticky pale-green buds.

While growing indoors can reap especially generous harvests of up to 600 g/m2, particularly when paired with a SCROG system, a good carbon filtration system is advised for indoor cannabis grows, owing to the strain’s eye-wateringly intrusive odour.