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Florida OG x Lemon Skunk

by DNA Genetics

DNA Genetics Florida Lemon combines fruity flavor and high THC content. A hybrid that combines the powers of Florida OG and Lemon Skunk. 

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Florida Lemons Strain Genetics

Florida Lemons is another successful strain brought to life by DNA Genetics. This hybrid is the product of Florida OG and Lemon Skunk. For history enthusiasts, it’s worth noting that Florida OG – also known as Triangle Kush – holds a spot in ‘breeding history’ as the first OG Kush phenotype strain to be produced in the ‘Emerald Triangle’ between Tampa, Jacksonville, and Miami

Florida Lemons Strain Terpene Profile

Prepare for a robust citrus flavour and aroma brought by Florida Lemons’ high Limonene content. Add to this the earthy, pine, sour lemon and woody undertones common in OG Kush and you’re left with a satisfying blend sure to impress any cannaisseur.

Florida Lemons Strain Effects

Florida Lemons produces a sedative body-stoned effect along with a relaxed and uplifting head-high. Its pleasant balance between sativa and indica effects are known to be both powerful and long-lasting, best suited to the more experienced consumer.

Medical Benefits Florida Lemons Strain

As an indica hybrid strain, Florida Lemons provides a full-body relief, combined with a cerebral and relaxing head high. For this reason, medical users have reported using this strain to suppress pain, as well as to deal with muscle spasms. Be sure to utilise its mood-lifting properties to combat elevated stress levels, while it is also possible to use Florida lemons to stimulate the appetite.

How to Grow Florida Lemons Strain

Florida Lemons has been developed to grow uniformly and to a medium height. It has a short grow-cycle of around 8 weeks and produces a high yield. For this reason, it is an excellent value-for-space strain.

If you are cultivating indoors, be sure to use anti-odour filters to account for the powerful aroma. Also, make sure to monitor the humidity levels, as well as keeping a constant airflow, to prevent any signs of mould from appearing.