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Kosher Kush x Florida OG

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DNA Genetics’ Florida Gold is a 70% indica-dominant Kush-based hybrid, which produces an amazing yield in a very short amount of time.

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Florida Gold Strain Genetics

Florida Gold is an indica-dominant hybrid from the G.Y.O. product line by DNA Genetics. It is the product of two OG-Kush based strains; Kosher Kush and Florida OG. Kosher Kush provides the cup-winning genetics, claiming the High Times Cannabis Cup Best Indica in 2010 and 2011, as well as Best strain for 2011.

Florida Gold Strain Terpene Profile

Florida Gold offers a complex aroma, by combining the earthy, pine-like scent of Kosher Kush with slight citrus undertones. This unusual mix resulted in one of the tastier Kush’s out there. Kush Cannaisseurs should look no further, as this strain will not disappoint.

Florida Gold Strain Effects

Florida Gold is an indica hybrid which produces an immediate uplifting and euphoric buzz, followed by a long-lasting body-stoned effect.

As a potent strain, with THC levels reaching as high as 29%, less experienced consumers should be careful when consuming it — a powerfully relaxing strain best experienced in the evening.

Medical Benefits Florida Gold Strain

Kush strains have been noted to be excellent for helping alleviate stress as well as anxiety and depression, and Florida Gold is no exception. The cerebral boost from Florida Gold may be applicable in helping to reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety, while the body-high which follows may be used to deal with pain and nausea. Be aware, however, of its potency, as its high THC-content combined with its minor sativa traits, could produce an uncomfortable head-high for novice users.

How to Grow Florida Gold Strain

Florida Gold has been adjusted from its elongated Kush characteristics to a shorter height and is overall an ‘easy to grow’ strain. It grows perfectly in outdoor as well as indoor conditions.

It is quite resistant to mould, thus not requiring constant supervision. At the same time, this strain gives a considerable yield. For indoors setups, it is recommended to use carbon air filters to control the odour level. Florida Gold has a flowering time of 8-9 weeks.