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El Fuego is DNA Genetics’ special blend, 70% indica dominant hybrid with an astonishing resin profile. Easy to grow and fast flowering, so there’s not long to wait for its ultra-resinous flowers. Those looking for a warm body-high will find this strain pure fire.

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El Fuego Strain Genetics

El Fuego from the G.Y.O. product line by DNA Genetics is an indica-dominant strain with unknown lineage. Although the presence of white-shiny crystals could suggest a White family genetic mark, a halo of mystery still surrounds ‘the fire’. This variety also exists in an autoflower version (Auto El Fuego).

El Fuego Strain Terpene Profile

El Fuego emanates a pungent, spicy scent of musky pine and cloves with an earthy hint. Once inhaled, EL Fuego gives off a mix of sweet hashish aroma with a spicy pine and sour citrus touch, culminating in a delightful, refreshing herbal and fruity aftertaste on exhalation.

El Fuego Strain Effects

The El Fuego’s highly relaxing indica side brings a warm body-stone of bliss and calm. Thoughts slow and a heaviness comforts the body. These relieving effects can conjure up sleepiness, although usually after the munchies have been satisfied.

Medical Benefits El Fuego Strain

El Fuego is considered a medical fire due to her therapeutic qualities, mostly attributable to the indica nature of this strain: the relaxing and sedating effect may help against stress and
anxiety disorders as well as against insomnia or other sleep disorders. It also may be helpful
with conditions associated with a loss of appetite including early satiety side-effect due
to chemotherapy.

How to Grow El Fuego Strain

El Fuego is a short, ultra-resinous plant with a compact shape, large leaves and a crystalline wrapper of trichomes. This is a very easy to grow strain, just plant seeds, give to it enough light, water, nutrients and see a record-time grow. Its flowering time is around 8-9 weeks when it should reward huge yield. El Fuego can be grown almost anywhere, from small indoor boxes and to the outdoors. The strain also works well both in SCROG and SOG systems. An excellent choice for growers looking to make resin.