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by Greenhouse Seed

Lauded for its intense flavour profile; beautiful flowers and long-lasting, stimulating cerebral highs which slowly transform into relaxing all over body-stoned sensations as time goes on. Fast flowering, aromatic and potent, Super Lemon Haze is easy-to-grow (thanks to its indica genes) but is not that easy-to-handle. A pleasure for veteran aficionados, new cannabis consumers may find this strain too hard-hitting to enjoy.

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Super Lemon Haze Genetics

The result of crossing a Lemon Skunk from Las Vegas with a Silver Haze from Amsterdam.  Created by Arjan Roskam from Green House Seeds and handpicked by American breeders DNA  Genetics. Super Lemon Haze is an award-winning sativa-dominant cannabis strain.

Super Lemon Haze Terpene Profile

Smelling strongly of fresh lemons, the aptly named Super Lemon Haze has a powerful citrus fragrance strong enough to make mouths water. Interlaced with its rich aroma of lemons and limes lies a spicy, herbal kick that tickles the nose.

As the name implies, the overriding taste of Super Lemon Haze is of citrus fruits; a strong, moist, sour taste that has a palatableness to it reminiscent of tangy lemon-flavoured sweets. On the exhale, a surprising but refreshing herbal taste floods the palette.

Super Lemon Haze’s terpene profile is so bold that it tastes absolutely delectable anyway you choose to consume it. However, to truly enjoy this strain, you have to let the dry herb reach the optimum temperatures and thermal conditions it needs to bring out its full-bodied flavours. So, for an enhanced experience, try Super Lemon Haze in a water pipe, dab rig or vaporizer.

Super Lemon Haze Effects

Super Lemon Haze’s well-balanced, potent highs start out with sativa-like effects that over time melt away, superseded by warm and relaxing all over body-stoned sensations. 

Creeping up on people, the initial almost psychedelic cerebral high heightens the senses and uplifts mood, helping to; energise, focus, inspire creativity and keep Super Lemon Haze lovers feeling euphoric, alert, talkative and motivated. Over the course of two hours, this invigorating, hard-hitting head high gradually fades into typical relaxing Indica-type effects.

Potent and long-lasting, Super Lemon Haze is great for waking-and-baking, afternoon pick me ups, socialising and enjoying on nights out. 

How to Grow Super Lemon Haze

Relative Quick-to-flower cannabis strain and easy-to-grow thanks to its slight indica lineage, Super Lemon Haze is a medium-sized plant (much shorter than the average haze), that produces a good medium-sized yield.

Highly resistant to common pests and moulds, and thriving in almost all European climates (semi-humid between 22 – 26.6°C), Super Lemon Haze is a wonderful strain to cultivate outdoors. On the other hand, it thrives just as well indoors in either hydroponics or soil.

Flowering in approximately 10 weeks but sometimes as quick as 9, Super Lemon Haze produces elongated buds that, while dense, look fluffy and ragged in appearance. A tapestry of apple and lime green dotted with yellow highlights, if grown well and left to cure properly, the Lemon Haze flowers will become covered in amber-coloured pistils, giving the plant an appropriate golden yellow glow.